Nine-Year-Old Girl Guide Sets Up Cookie Stand Outside Cannabis Store, Sells Out Entire Supply In 45 Minutes

An enterprising 9-year-old Girl Guide set up with her cookies outside of a Cannabis store in Canada, and she quickly found out that she didn’t have a big enough supply to serve all her customers.

According to a CTV News report, Elina Childs, from Alberta, sold out of her Girl Guide cookies in a mere 45 minutes on the first day of legal cannabis sales in the country. She said that her dad gave her the idea to put her stock into her wagon and set up outside the marijuana shop in Edmonton. In total, she sold 30 boxes in just 45 minutes, which is an average of one $5 box of cookies every 90 seconds.

“We were going to sell them in the neighborhood, and it’s always been a little slow. Elina was actually bit by a dog once,” Elina’s dad, Seann Childs, said.

With this new selling location, Elina avoided having to go door-to-door and face the possibility of dogs not appreciating her coming near their homes. Her dad reported that not only was she well received by the customers, but also she was polite with all of her new customers. As a bonus, Childs was able to tell his daughter about marijuana legalization in Canada because it can be confusing for children who’ve heard other messages about “drugs” sometimes.

Elina has cystic fibrosis, and her time in the Girl Guides has helped ensure she stays active. Her dad said that he told her that perhaps one day she would find benefits using the newly legalized plant. For her part, the successful cookie seller told a joke during her interview.

“Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Cause it was feeling crummy.”

As for the success of legalized pot in Canada, Vice reported that similarly to Elina, the country already has a shortfall due to the high demand for cannabis. Many stores sold out their entire stock, and unfortunately, nobody knows how long the shortage might last. The lines outside of stores were hours long as people tried to buy their first legal weed. Plus, online stores also suffered glitches and crashes along with many out of stock products.

The Inquisitr reported that during the first hour of legalized selling, police in Winnipeg issued a citation to a person accused of using weed inside their car, which resulted in a hefty fine of $672.

One thing is sure: both the cannabis and the Girl Guide cookie industry seem to have plenty of demand in the new era of legalized pot in Canada.

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