Video Shows Texas Woman Abandon 2-Year-Old Royal Prince Simmons On Wrong Doorstep — Dad Lives Next Door

A video of a Texas woman abandoning a 2-year-old on a doorstep recently went viral. It has now emerged that the woman actually did not leave her child on a random doorstep, but that there seems to be at least some reasoning behind her negligence. It can now be confirmed that she had left the child at the door belonging to the neighbor of his father. Whether she intentionally left the 2-year-old on the neighbor’s porch — or whether it was simple mistake on the part of the woman — remains to be seen.

According to ABC 13 Eyewitness News, the boy’s name is Royal Prince Simmons — and his father lived next door to the house where he was abandoned. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office stated that the boy’s father was found approximately 12 hours after the woman left Royal on the wrong porch of the 30700 block of Legends Drive on Wednesday evening.

The viral surveillance video shows a woman getting out of a white passenger car, and quickly running towards the front door of a home. She is seen lifting a small boy in the air by his one arm, his bags in the other, as she rushes to leave him on the doorstep. Once she puts him and his two bags down, she rings the doorbell, makes sure to knock, then turns to run back to the waiting vehicle. The vehicle is then seen racing away. In the space of 23 seconds, the woman effectively left a two-year-old to fend for himself on a stranger’s doorstep.

After the suspect left, a woman found Simmons at her door with no adult present. She alerted the authorities. According to The New York Times, the dad’s neighbor called 911, and authorities began trying to find the woman who had abandoned the boy.

An alert was put out to find the suspect. She was described as being of African-American descent, and appeared to be in her mid-20s to early 30s. The video showed that she wore hoop earrings, waist-length hair, and bore multiple tattoos on her right arm. She also carried a cell phone. Further details were difficult to discern from the captured video.

At the time of the abandonment, Simmons was in good health and did not appear to be hurt. He was put into the care of Child Protective Services, where he will remain until he can be reunited with his family. It was confirmed that Simmons was found with the help of media partners.

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