Meghan Markle Reportedly Gets Her Way As Prince Harry's Man Cave Is Turned Into A Nursery Per 'Radar'

In late August, the duchess is rumored to have taken a solo trip to Toronto following a fight with Prince Harry. According to the Hollywood Life, there were several reasons for the fight. One was the Markle family drama that was taking a strain on the prince. Another was his "man cave" that Harry's used for a long time to entertain his friends without any women interfering. At the time, this is what a source said about how Meghan felt about the man cave.

"In the early days, Meghan kept quiet about how much she hated the laddishness and tastelessness of it all. Meghan hoped to get ride [sic] of Harry's man cave and give their home a classy makeover. Harry is complaining about being a henpecked husband already."
However, it now sounds like Meghan's finally gotten her way, as reports from Radar Online indicate that the man cave is no more.
"Harry got home one afternoon and there was a load of staff in pulling out the big screens, chairs and X boxes from the room. Then the interior designers moved in to look over how a nursery is going to look in the context of the home."
And while Meghan may be relieved to have finally dismantled the man cave, Harry isn't exactly thrilled.
"Harry's happy Meghan is pregnant, but knows it's going to be tough to have nowhere in his own home to really call his own and retreat to with his laddish pals."
This isn't surprising to hear, considering that Meghan reportedly influenced Harry to distance himself from some of his closest friends.
In fact, The Sun reported that Harry's ditched Tom "Skippy" Inskip and Astrid Harbord thanks to the duchess' influence. Skippy was infamous for dragging Harry into all sorts of trouble, including one embarrassing incident in Las Vegas when the boys partied a little too hard.
Whatever is going on with the man cave turned nursery, there seems to also be a great excuse for it all. It's because their Nottingham Cottage only has two bedrooms, and so all of the space has to be used in its fullest capacities.

So while Harry might have felt like a "henpecked husband" before, perhaps it makes sense for him to give up his man cave considering that they have a little one on the way.

And it's not just the royal couple that's looking forward to meeting their first child. Fans from all over the world were ecstatic to hear the news from Kensington Palace.