Global Warming: Earthworms Are Latest Villain In Climate Change Debate

Earthworms are populating in enhanced numbers and are being blamed for global warming woes. The worms’ desire to procreate is reportedly causing increased nitrous oxide, a “powerful” greenhouse gas. The seemingly harmless little worms appear to have now joined same the climate change list that cows found themselves on a few years ago. Apparently, both cow flatulence and naughty worms are endangering the planet.

The presence of earthworms in soil affects how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, Before Its News notes. Some scientists are worried that as the worm population increases, so will greenhouse gas emissions.

A study published in Nature Climate Change include the resulted from 237 separate greenhouse gas emissions experiments. The scientists found that soil containing earthworms contained 42 percent more nitrous oxide emissions, the Washington Times notes. The same soil contained 33 percent more carbon dioxide.

An excerpt from the global warming study reads:

“Earthworms play an essential part in determining the greenhouse-gas balance of soils worldwide, and their influence is expected to grow over the next decades. Earthworm presence is likely to increase in ecosystems worldwide. For example, large parts of North American forest soils are now being invaded by earthworms for the first time since the last glaciation.”

As organic fertilizer has increased, so have the dining options for earthworms. The entire globe is reportedly experiencing an increase in earthworm populations. Study researchers also noted that “habitat degradation” and species invasions are worm population control ideas.

Eco-friendly gardeners may have a very difficult decision to make when forced to choose between organic fertilizers and curbing climate change by destroying earthworm populations.

Do you think earthworms are increasing global warming and should be subjected to habitat degradation?

[Image Via: Shutterstock]