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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Gets A Lesson On Beauty From Spencer

Kim Brandow - Author

Oct. 17 2018, Updated 9:05 a.m. ET

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital had Ava Jerome finding a new drinking buddy. Ryan Chamberlain, posing as his twin brother Dr. Kevin Collins, ended up having a drink with his new client. While he thinks that Ava is truly an amazing creature, someone else feels the complete opposite.

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Spencer Cassadine has just returned to Port Charles, and he is making his rounds. According to Soap Central, Laura’s grandson surprised her by showing up at her doorstep unexpectedly. He hopped on a plane all the way from France to New York. Laura was not happy that he did that without telling her, but she was thrilled to see him nonetheless. Even Ryan was happy to see Spencer. But that was because the little guy could possibly keep Kevin’s wife busy — so that she can forget about having the romantic reunion that she had hoped for.

Ryan had just returned home from having drinks with Ava Jerome at the Metro Court. They are getting along famously. However, Ryan was none too happy when she spoke about leaving Port Charles for a while to clear those dark images out of her mind about Kiki and Griffin. Ryan is embracing Ava’s dark side, and he pretty much told her so. He encouraged her to stay put and to continue with therapy. He said that she needs to do some more exploring of those impulses that she admitted that she had.

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Ava is sort of liking the attention from Ryan, or Kevin as she believes him to be. She has no idea what he is really up to. He mumbled under his breath a few words as to how remarkable she is — and how different she is from the others. These two could really do some damage if they should pair up. However, despite Ava’s dark impulses, she is not one to team up with a serial killer — especially one who is rumored to end up killing her daughter.

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Spencer showed up at the Metro Court later on. He certainly doesn’t see Ava as being remarkable at all. While she was happy to see him, Spencer had some words for her. She ended up getting a lesson on what really makes one truly beautiful. The young Cassadine scolded her for betraying his father — all for her new face. He told her that the woman in the hospital bed with the scars on her face was more beautiful than the one standing in front of him, because she had a heart.

It seems that Ava Jerome doesn’t have many friends in PC, so this scene may just have her gravitating to “Kevin” again. General Hospital spoilers hints that Ryan will leave behind a path of destruction before he is done. Ava seems to be right in the middle of it — and it may just end up very badly for her and others in Port Charles. Keep watching over the next few weeks to see who loses their life at the hands of Ryan Chamberlain.


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