Shauna Sexton’s Mom Is The Same Age As Ben Affleck & Thinks He’s ‘Unstable As F’ Per ‘Radar Online’

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We all knew that Shauna Sexton and ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck had a huge age gap, but it wasn’t until now that it was revealed that Ben is the same age as Shauna’s mom. Sexton is 22-years-old, while Affleck is 46-years-old. This is what Suzette Sexton had to say about the matter, according to Radar Online.

“He’s my age! Would you be ok with your daughter dating a man with 3 kids, 3rd time in rehab, and unstable as F?”

So while Suzette doesn’t approve of the age gap, she’s also leery of Ben’s past. Famous actor or not, the facts are hard to deny, like that he has three kids and has gone to rehab several times. Plus, Affleck has just completed a years-long process to divorce Jennifer Garner and also recently broke up with ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus.

But even with all that in mind, Suzette reportedly would accept Ben into her home.

“We are a good family. We might not always agree with each other’s decisions but we stand by our choices and if it means to love another despite our faults then we do so!”

These comments are all based on Suzette’s claim that Shauna and Ben are still together. Even so, most reports have people believing that Shauna is no longer with Ben.

The short-lived couple was spotted right before Ben was whisked away to rehab by Jen Garner. And after he entered rehab, Shauna was seen visiting him at the treatment center several times and drove his SUV around. While it sounded like the actor was showering his new girlfriend with gifts and money, rumors suggested that those close to Affleck were wary of the Playboy playmate.

The relationship seemed to end right after they returned from a quick trip to Montana. While Ben was planning to attend Matt Damon’s birthday party in Las Vegas that same weekend, he opted for a romantic getaway instead.

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Right after reports of the couple’s split were publicized, Shauna spoke out saying that the rumors were untrue. However, Ben’s assistant was seen picking up his SUV from Shauna and the model herself has made comments on her Instagram that suggest she’s looking for a new man.

For now, it appears that the two have split. There was much controversy surrounding the pair, not about their age difference as much as Shauna’s love for partying and drinking. Thankfully, Affleck is reportedly taking steps to stay sober, and is serious about his efforts.