Mega Millions Winning Numbers: Find Out The Winning Combination For $667 Million Jackpot

The Mega Millions winning numbers are in, and one person has the chance to be $667 million richer tonight.

Tuesday’s drawing was the second-highest in the history of the multi-state lottery and the fourth-highest of any drawing of all time. The huge jackpot led to a rush in sales and nationwide interest for Tuesday’s drawing (the winning numbers and a link for payouts can be found below.

The drawing came at a time when the Powerball jackpot also reached $345 million. As USA Today noted, both generated considerable interest and hopes that one lucky winner could potentially win more than $1 billion by bagging both — though those odds are infinitesimal, the report noted.

“Your chances of winning the $654 million Mega Millions jackpot are a jaw-dropping 302,575,350 to 1, while the likelihood of taking home the $345 million Powerball prize is only slightly better at 292,201,388 to 1,” the report noted. “The odds of winning both are 1 in 88 quadrillion (that’s 15 zeros), according to CNBC. So don’t quit your day job just yet.”

As CNN noted, even beating the odds and winning both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots would still fall short the largest single jackpot of all time. That still belongs to a Powerball jackpot from January 2016 that reached $1.586 billion. It was shared by three winning tickets.

The report added that the current jackpots have been able to grow thanks to a long cold streak. There has not been a Mega Millions winner since July 24, when a group of 11 co-workers took home the $543 million prize. The last Powerball jackpot was won on August 11 by a Staten Island man who won a $245.6 million prize.

Mega Millions is played in 44 states along with the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands. The winner of Tuesday’s jackpot — if there is one — will have the option to take a cash option of $380 million. The annuity option would be paid over 29 years, though it is almost never chosen by winners.

If there is no winner on Tuesday, the jackpot will jump to $868 million for the drawing on Friday, October 19. The cash option would be nearly half a billion dollars — $495 million, to be exact. Officials will likely announce by early on Wednesday if anyone has won the Mega Millions jackpot.

The Mega Million winning numbers for Tuesday’s $667 million drawing are 69 – 45 – 61 – 3- 49 and the Megaball is 9. The Megaplier is 5x. Those who want to find a list of payouts can find all the information here.

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