Alissa Violet Confirms Her Crazy Relationship With Jake Paul Was Entirely ‘Fake’, Per Shane Dawson Series

Shane Dawson has recently taken YouTube by storm with his latest docuseries about controversial internet star Jake Paul. In the most recent installment in the series, Shane sat down with one of Jake’s exes to discuss claims about abuse and other issues. Alissa Violet, a model and a YouTuber, seemed emotional as she led Shane through her home. The pair sat down and discussed her relationship with Jake Paul where the model confirmed that the entire relationship was staged for the cameras.

Alissa came out and said that Jake only wanted a “YouTube girlfriend” since he noticed that his videos got a lot more views whenever she was in the thumbnail. Alissa also said that she felt like she was constantly “chasing him” and that he was particularly not kind to her during her time in the Team 10 house.

On topic of physical abuse, Alissa has taken back some of her initial claims. She believes he is not a physical abuser, but that she did indeed suffer mental and emotional abuse while in his presence. She also wanted to clarify that technically she never cheated on Jake Paul since the two were never officially a couple. Alissa did confirm that she “hooked up” with Jake’s older brother, Logan Paul, in the interview. While Alissa feels that she didn’t necessarily cheat, she does have some regret involving the whole situation.”I’m still disgusted by it because it’s not who I am,” the star said.

Alissa pointed out some double-standards she felt from all of the criticism she has received. According to her, Jake Paul slept with other girls while the pair were in their fake relationship with virtually no repercussions or consequences. Alissa said that she felt “slut-shamed” by fans and viewers alike for her actions and she wanted to make it known that she would not tolerate any more slander.

The final episode of the Jake Paul docuseries by Shane Dawson is set to air Thursday, October 18. However, YouTube has reportedly gone down for millions of users today with no explanation, as reported by CBS News. The outage is undoubtedly affecting the traffic on Shane’s recent upload with Alissa Violet which could be bad news. Shane Dawson is very open with his recent struggle of securing brand deals and sponsorships. His YouTuber docuseries seem to be helping him out, but with a major outage like this, there’s no telling if his posting schedule is going to remain the same.

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