Krystal Nielson Embraces Birthday With Chris Randone, Shares Saucy Photo Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Pair

Several couples seemingly found love this past summer on Bachelor in Paradise, and viewers were excited to see Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson get engaged in the finale. Chris and Krystal clicked from the moment that she arrived in Mexico — and the two seem to be doing very well now as they transition into the real world. Nielson and Randone have been doing a lot of fun stuff together, and they just had a blast celebrating her birthday.

Chris Randone admitted in some social media posts that he was a little nervous as he planned some surprises for Krystal Nielson’s birthday. The Bachelor in Paradise star noted via Instagram that he had a whole week of presents and surprises prepared. He invited his followers to guess what he got for his love. Randone took Nielson out for some time on a boat with friends — seemingly a brunch cruise — as well as for a romantic dinner. It looks like the celebration was a success.

Both Krystal and Chris shared some updates via Instagram throughout the birthday celebrations, and one from Nielson seemed to sum it all up perfectly. The photo showed Chris and Krystal together, and they were kissing as he dipped her — keeping a firm grasp on her derriere.

Nielson was wearing a gorgeous red dress and nude heels as she clutched a Louis Vuitton bag. The birthday girl shared her optimism for how great being 31-years-old would be for her, and her excitement clearly comes from having Randone as a fiance heading into this new year.

The Bachelor in Paradise star’s followers were excited to wish her a happy birthday, and noted how gorgeous she looked. Naturally, many wondered when Chris and Krystal would be getting married. They haven’t formally started making plans yet — at least not publicly.

However, both Nielson and Randone have said that they absolutely will be getting married — and she’s shared some teasers via her social media pages that she’s getting the wedding planning bug. The two Bachelor in Paradise stars have been inseparable since getting to go public with their engagement, and they certainly seem to bring out the best in one another.

Could Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson end up getting married before her next birthday? The Bachelor in Paradise stars aren’t in a rush to tie the knot, and they are still working on deciding where to put down roots as a couple. However, they seem to be head-over-heels in love and living their best lives together.

It should therefor come as no surprise that many fans are hoping that they do ultimately tie the knot.