Neo-Nazi Couple May Have Named Child After Hitler, Posed With Him In KKK Robes, National Action Trial Reveals

A court in England has heard that a 22-year-old man, who’s accused of being a “fanatical” neo-Nazi terrorist, allegedly posed with his newborn son for a picture while wearing hooded Ku Klux Klan robes.

Jurors at the trial in Birmingham Crown Court were shown the image this Monday, the Daily Mail reported. They also saw a picture of the father, Adam Thomas, performing the Nazi-style salute and holding a swastika flag while standing next to his partner Claudia Patatas, 38, who is seen holding their newborn baby in their living room.

Thomas and Patatas gave their child the middle name Adolf, which the prosecution claimed was a tribute to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Another shocking picture jurors had access to allegedly showed Thomas in a KKK robe holding a big machete while standing in front of a Confederate American flag.

The couple is on trial for allegedly being a part of the far-right terrorist group National Action, an organization based in the U.K. which was banned in December 2016. They are being tried alongside co-defendant Daniel Bogunovic, 27, who is facing the same charges.

Police searches in their home found a series of Nazi and other far-right memorabilia, including “National Action flags, badges and banners, as well as what prosecutors described as an ‘extensive’ collection of weapons, including crossbows, an axe and knives,” the Daily Mail reported.

The pair, who are both from Banbury, Oxfordshire, is also said to have a poster on their fridge door that read “Britain is ours – the rest must go.” Thomas is facing another charge of being in possession of a terrorist document, The Anarchist Cookbook, which contains, among other information, instructions on how to make a bomb.

While describing the photographs to the jurors, the prosecution lawyer said, “The suggestion is that is Mr. Thomas and his child, whose middle name is Adolf. There is a strong inference, and you’ll appreciate this when you look inside the Thomas and Patatas house, that that was taken inside their home, and that the person in the robes was Thomas.”

Last week, it was alleged that Patatas sent a message to a fellow far-right acquaintance that read, “All Jews must be put to death,” while Thomas reportedly claimed in a different conversation that he “found that all non-whites are intolerable.” Furthermore, a greeting card found in the couple’s living room featured the words, “May all your Christmases be white.”

The defendants are being accused of trying to evade the law following National Action’s ban and joining a new organization called the TripleK Mafia.

“They were fanatical, highly motivated, energetic, closely linked and mobile. And they all had, we say, a similar interest in ethnic cleansing, with violence if necessary, and the evidence in this case, we say, speaks for itself,” prosecutors said.

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