Ariana Grande Plans To Give Pete Davidson His Engagement Ring Back, Per ‘Radar’

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have ended their engagement. The couple’s split was confirmed on Sunday and shocked many fans.

According to an October 14 report by Radar Online, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s romance is over for good. Sources tell the outlet that the singer needs some time to be by herself and out of the spotlight.

“Ariana needs to take a minute away from the spotlight and just be alone to figure out who she is,” the source stated.

The insider goes on to add that Grande plans to give Davidson back the lavish $100k engagement ring that he gifted her back in May, and allegedly has no plans of ever getting back together with the Saturday Night Live star.

In addition, Grande’s family members are reportedly gathering around her in a show of support, as they never liked Davidson, and allegedly were unhappy about the couple planning a wedding after they got engaged following only a few weeks of dating.

“She is giving him the ring back and has no plans of getting back together with him. She is broken but she is strong and surrounded by her family and loved ones, all who never liked Pete to begin with,” the insider dished.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s break up comes just days after the couple dodged pregnancy rumors when a baby playpen was spotted in the background of one of the singer’s photos. However, Grande revealed that is where she and Davidson’s pet pig, Piggy Smalls, slept.

In addition it was recently reported that the couple had finalized their prenup agreement in order to protect their assets. Grande is said to be worth over $45 million, while Davidson is worth about $3 million due to his SNL salary and roles in movies such as Trainwreck and Set It Up.

Ariana recently spoke out about wedding planning, and gushed over Pete, saying that he was seemingly perfect for her, and claiming that she was having a great time planning her wedding to the comedian.

“He just ticks every box, and it gets better every day. My friends and I — and my mom and everybody — have been brainstorming and sharing ideas. It’s really fun. I work so much I’ve never spent so much time planning something that’s personal, that feeds my soul so much and my heart. I’m gonna cry. I’m just so excited,” Ariana stated.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have yet to speak out about the split.