Democratic Senator: ‘Nobody Goes Lower Than Donald Trump’

Junior U.S. Senator from Maryland Chris Van Hollen condemned President Donald Trump’s behavior Friday, claiming that no one can compete with Trump’s “bottomless pit” trash talk, the Washington Examiner reports.

“Look, nobody goes lower than Donald Trump. I mean that’s a bottomless pit. No one’s competing with that. He gets up at his rallies, he says ‘go beat the crap out of them,’ he says ‘lock ’em up.'”

The Democratic senator’s comments come after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stirred up controversy by asserting that there is no place for civility in today’s political discourse.

As RealClearPolitics reported, after being asked about the general erosion of civility in today’s politics, Hillary Clinton said that the Democrats should return to civility once and if they win back the House or the Senate. Until then, Clinton said, there is no room for civility because the Republicans seem to “recognize and respect” strength.

Clinton concluded that the Democrats simply cannot afford to be civil with the Republican Party, because it wants to “destroy” everything Democrats care about and stand for.

The former secretary of state’s comments attracted criticism and scrutiny, the Washington Examiner notes, prompting former first lady Michelle Obama to weigh in.

On the heels of Clinton’s comments, Michelle said her signature slogan, “When they go low, we go high,” still “absolutely” stands, according to CNN.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen didn’t contradict Hillary Clinton’s words, but he did not agree with Michelle Obama either. According to Van Hollen, the Democratic Party needs to “fight hard,” and that is exactly what 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton meant when she seemingly denounced civility.

“What I think Hillary Clinton was saying is that Democrats are in a pitched battle on very important issues in our country, and we need to fight hard.”

It is exactly the Democratic Party’s willingness to fight that has ensured victories in the U.S. Senate, Van Hollen claims, and the party does not plan on backing down.

“I mean, this is political trench warfare and we’re going to engage in that battle,” he vowed.

Donald Trump is known for insulting and belittling others. For instance, the New York Times published a comprehensive list of people, things, and places President Trump has insulted via Twitter.

Similarly, the Washington Post published a list of people Trump has publicly called stupid.

While President Trump doesn’t shy away from calling others stupid, an analysis of his first 30,000 words uttered in office has shown that the president scores lower than any of his predecessors, according to the Independent.

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