Pedicure during flight

Plane Passenger Shamed For Giving Herself A Pedicure Mid-Flight

Trisha Faulkner - Author

Oct. 14 2018, Updated 2:01 p.m. ET

Airplanes are riddled with germs and bacteria. They contain a great deal of people crammed into a small space, breathing in each other’s germs and illnesses. So, it goes without saying that there are just some things that a passenger shouldn’t do during flight.

A unnamed female passenger was recently blasted on Instagram for tending to her own personal hygiene while on a plane surrounded by other travelers.

According to a video clip posted by an Instagram account called PassengerShaming, the anonymous woman decides to give herself a full course pedicure mid-flight. In the video, the woman can be seen using a file to sand dead skin off of the bottom of her foot.

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In less than a week, the Instagram profile’s 639,000 followers had viewed the video just shy of 150,000 times, and left just over 1,000 comments. The general consensus in the comment section is that people were shocked and disgusted by the woman’s lack of respect for her follow passengers.

“How is she even allowed to do that! Disgusting and I would have raised h*** if I were sitting next to her. YUCK,” one Instagram user exclaimed.

Some were so baffled by the video clip that they were not really sure how they would have reacted to the situation.

“I cannot imagine what I would do/say, but it would be something! I know you have seen savages in the air,” another user quipped.

A third user chimed in with, “Have a little decency and quit acting like an animal- some things are meant to only happen at home or the salon- didn’t your mama teach you any manners!”

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Other users suggested that carriers might consider adding signs and establishing rules in order to prevent — or at least deter — people from grooming themselves in the cabin. Many Instagram users leaving comments seemed surprised that the offender in question was even allowed to continue giving herself the pedicure once people noticed what she was doing.

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As those who follow the passenger shaming account on Instagram know, this isn’t the first time that a passenger with untoward behavior on public transportation has been put on blast.

A little over a week ago, the profile published an Instagram post that featured a mom on an airplane allowing her daughter to use the restroom right in the center aisle of the vessel. The child was blurred out in the photo — and the caption of the post made it clear that the intent was not to shame the child, but to inform people that it had actually happened.

The photo revealed that the mother had pulled a potty chair out of their carry-on luggage, placing it in the center aisle in order to facilitate her daughter being able to evacuate her bowels. According to the post, the flight crew were alerted to the situation — eventually telling the mother that she would need to take her child to one of the bathrooms on the plane.

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The general consensus from social media users in both of these passenger shaming stories is the same — show respect for passengers during flight, and you won’t have any problems.


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