Bowling Alley Employee Has Bowling Ball Smashed On His Head After Asking Unruly Group To Leave

A bowling alley employee was attacked and had a bowling ball smashed on his head after asking an unruly group to leave, police in Michigan say.

The incident took place this week in Roseville, where police say an employee at Apollo Lanes spoke to a group of patrons who were causing a disturbance and asked them to leave. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, the group surrounded the man, who was standing behind a counter.

Video of the incident showed what appeared to be a verbal altercation escalating and someone in the group throwing an object at the man, and then another member began throwing punches. Another one of the attackers joined in, first picking up a stool and hitting the man over the head before lifting a bowling ball over his head and crashing it down onto the back of the employee’s head. The man fell to the ground, and several other members of the group then began kicking and punching him.

The Roseville Police Department posted about the incident on its Facebook page, including a narrative of the attack and descriptions of each of the attackers. The department also posted screenshots from the video showing the faces of the suspects. One of those involved in the attack has already been identified, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, though they are still seeking the suspect seen striking the employee with the stool and bowling ball.

The attack generated national headlines, with many outlets sharing video of the attack.

The bowling alley employee, a 28-year-old Roseville resident who was not named, was taken to a hospital for treatment.

This is the second bowling alley attack to generate headlines in recent months. Back in May, a group of three men allegedly beat a group of people that included a teenage girl at a bowling alley in Long Island. As Pix 11 reported, one of the men was accused of slashing several victims during the attack.

“[Pedro] Mendez-Ramos reportedly slashed two male victims in the face with an unknown object,” the report noted. “One victim, a 23-year-old man, was slashed in the face. He allegedly slashed a 20-year-old man in the neck.

“Another victim suffered an abrasion with swelling on the left eye and a teenage female victim said she experienced pain on the right side of her head.”

Anyone with information about the bowling alley beating in Roseville is asked to share information with the department on its Facebook page.

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