Heavyweight Boxing Champ Deontay Wilder Apologizes For Breaking Mascot’s Jaw On ESPN

Heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder has apologized for hitting the ESPN Spanish language station’s mascot with a fierce right hook, breaking the jaw of whoever was wearing the costume. What was supposed to be an amusing moment turned scary as instead of jabbing the mustached man, Wilder flattened him, allegedly not realizing that there was a real person in the costume.

The Daily Mail says that Deontay Wilder continued to think that the whole thing was a joke, but apologized anyway just in case, inviting the man to his December first fight to make amends for the knockout.

“Yea, Anything headlining I didn’t know a “Human Being” was in there is just straight ‘Click Baiting.’ Like come on now, I guess the Mascot rolled out there. show so [sic] respect! I sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured (if this is true). ”

Wilder, sounding incredulous, said that if there was a guy in the Nacion ESPN suit, and that person indeed took a punch, he has nothing but respect for the guy.

“I have the up most [sic] high respect for him, his participation, willingness, and courage. ‘If this is true Nacion ESPN I personally would like to invite him to my Dec.1 fight. Word Is Bond -CHAMP #BombZquad #PeoplesChamp.”

Wilder will fight Tyson Fury in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on December the first, and in addition to hitting the mascot, the fighter also took on a rubber boxing dummy, addressing it as if it were Fury.

“I said I was gonna knock you out. I’ve just got one question. When I knock your body on the canvas, which foot do you want me to step over you with? The right or the left? I’ll let you decide.”

Joe UK says that Wilder, known as The Bronze Bomber, was told to hit the mascot, but there was obviously some disconnect in the instructions, as the hosts looked horrified as the Nacion ESPN mascot fell to the ground. Wilder, who is American, will fight Tyson Fury — from the U.K. — and the British fans have had a blast on social media downplaying Wilder’s intelligence, suggesting that he is overloaded with testosterone and not brains.

“Wilder, who could presumably break one of those punching machines you see oddly aggressive men in vests spend £20 in pound coins on in the pub instead of, oh I don’t know, having a drink and chatting to people and enjoying themselves rather than attempting to be overtly masculine in their every f***ing waking moment,” writes Joe UK.

There has been no additional information from ESPN about who was actually in the costume and the condition of that person.


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