Foo Fighters Invite A 10-Year-Old Guitar Player On Stage, He Absolutely Shreds Metallica Cover

The Foo Fighters ended their concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City by making the night special for a 10-year-old boy, who showed off his guitar skills after frontman Dave Grohl invited him to join the band onstage.

As recalled by KMBC, Collier Cash Rule, a fifth-grader at Ray Marsh Elementary School in Shawnee, Kansas, got his chance to jam with the Foo Fighters when Grohl noticed him in the crowd while the band was performing an encore. After Grohl asked Rule if he plays guitar, the young boy answered in the affirmative, adding that he “[knows] a lot of Metallica songs.” He then agreed enthusiastically when Grohl handed him a guitar and invited him to play a Metallica cover with the rest of the band.

While the Foo Fighters, with Collier playing the lead guitar parts, only made it to the first chorus of Metallica’s 1991 classic “Enter Sandman,” the fifth-grader still had more to show to the 15,000-strong audience at the Sprint Center. As seen in this YouTube video, Collier played the intros to two more Metallica songs — “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and “Wherever I May Roam” — after Dave Grohl asked him if he knows more songs from the heavy metal legends’ catalog.

“I know Ed Sheeran’s playing down the street here tonight, but he ain’t got nothing on Collier,” quipped Grohl.

As a final gesture of kindness toward his young guest, Dave Grohl told Collier that he could keep the blue guitar he had lent to him for the Foo Fighters’ impromptu cover of “Enter Sandman.”

In an interview with KMBC, Collier’s mother, Jennifer Rule, explained that she bought her son his first guitar about two years ago, describing the instrument as a Darth Vader-themed guitar she purchased at a Toys “R” Us store. She also talked about Collier’s love of music at such a young age, and how her son regularly practices on his guitar before and after school. But even with the excitement of his guest appearance at Friday’s Foo Fighters concert in mind, Collier’s mother stressed that education is still the more important priority at this point in Collier’s life.

“If he has anything to do with it, he would be resigning [from] fifth grade tomorrow to go on the road. So we’re going to work on [Collier] finishing fifth grade,” Jennifer Rule told KMBC.

As a further example of Collier Cash Rule’s strong connection to the world of music, KMBC pointed out that the boy’s middle name was chosen as a tribute to the late country and rock ‘n’ roll legend, Johnny Cash.

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