Lauren Burnham Defends Jenna Cooper, Says There’s ‘Professional Proof’ She Didn’t Cheat On Jordan Kimball

Lauren defends Jenna.
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Lauren Burnham from The Bachelor is taking sides in the Jordan Kimball-Jenna Cooper debacle, and she’s sticking with her girl. It apparently started because fans were bashing Lauren for spending time with Jenna after “she proved how terrible of a human she really is,” according to Life & Style. Surprisingly, Lauren responded to the comment, revealing the following.

“No spewing hate here. There are two sides to every story and the only evidence I know of backs the fact that Jenna did not do what she’s being accused of.”

And when someone asked Lauren, “whats [sic] the evidence?” Burnham responded again.

“That’s for [Jenna] to release. It should be happening very soon. I am not one to jump on the band wagon and take a side without solid evidence. I can tell you that her story is very compelling AND she has professional proof. I would just advise not to be so quick to publicly state opinions without knowing the whole story.”

Jenna’s previously hinted at some sort of evidence that proves her innocence in the cheating scandal, but it has yet to be shared with the public. At least according to Lauren, however, the information will be publicized soon, at which point Jenna may be able to clear her name once and for all.

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Cooper also posted a picture of some sort of “data extraction” being done on a phone onto a computer on her Instagram. However, that post has since been deleted. Jenna’s also disabled her comments on the platform, which is something that Jordan also noticed and discussed during his latest interview.

Unfortunately for Jenna, many fans have turned on her and believe that Jordan is the victim. The huge backlash that Cooper has received is not welcomed by her friends, nor even by Jordan. Kimball has asked fans repeatedly to lay off the personal attacks, and even said to “Let me handle this,” according to Life & Style.

The latest development in the matter is that Jenna’s lawyer sent Jordan a letter, accusing him of being the one that fabricated the texts. The lawyer also threatened Kimball to stay silent on the matter and not share the letter. However, Jordan chose to publish copies of the letter on his social media, and even reported the lawyer for blackmail to the Bar Association. Kimball is still trying to stay sensitive to what Jenna is going through, and stated the following.

“I’m assuming she’s feeling worse than ever, because for the first time she turned her comments off [on Instagram].”