Indiana Couple Claim Neighbor Purposely Ran Over Their Elderly Dog

Northern Indiana couple Steve and Monique Forrester are seeking criminal charges after alleging their “angry neighbor” purposely ran over their elderly dog.

Steve Forrester, of LaPorte, Indiana, explained to The Northwest Indiana Times that on October 5, he noticed his four dogs had ventured over to his neighbor’s yard. He quickly called for them to return home. While three of his dogs returned to his property, Kenzie stayed behind as she was deaf and couldn’t hear her owner calling her.

According to Forrester he watched in horror as his neighbor parked his vehicle and exited his vehicle only to return to it when he spotted Kenzie in his yard. Steve claims his neighbor ran over the 80-pound black Labrador on purpose. While the elderly dog did not die, she was later euthanized because of the injuries she sustained.

“It was the most horrible thing I’ve seen in my life,” Forrester said as he recalled the incident.

“My wife has been crying every day. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I start to shake sometimes. We miss her terribly. We dreaded the day we’d lose her, but to see her die that way, it was horrible.”

Kenzie had been a member of the Forrester family for over 15 years. She had previously been a guard dog at the state prison located in Westville,. While she was an elderly dog, the couple described her as a very lively creature that enjoyed interacting with the their grandchildren.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s report reveals it was the neighbor who originally called the police on that Friday afternoon and reported it as an accident. When the neighbor called the police, he claimed Forrester was threatening him after he accidentally ran over his dog.

When the police arrived, Steve was quick to explain his side of the story. Noting that he quickly called his dogs back to his own property, but Kenzie’s age and health prevented her from returning with the rest of the dogs.

As horrifying as watching his neighbor run over his dog was, Forrester admitted it wasn’t even the most shocking part of the incident.

“He got out and casually started to walk to his house like nothing happened. This was an 80-pound dog. You would know if you hit it,” Forrester explained.

The police report reveals a verbal altercation did occur between Steve and his neighbor. The neighbor claimed Steve threatened to “shoot him in the face.” Steve argued he never threatened to shoot his neighbor, but his neighbor did threaten to hit his dogs if he didn’t get them out of his yard. Forrester admitted he did “invite him to the driveway to settle our differences.”

When Steve’s wife, Monique, learned what happened to their dog, she got into her own vehicle before driving it through the neighbor’s wire fence and then proceeded to do a “donut” in his yard.

“I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I was angry and upset,” Monique admitted. “I don’t see how anyone could do that to an animal, if it was an accident then that’s different. [Kenzie] was 20 years old, I’ve had her longer than I’ve had my grandkids.”

According to the police report, she was charged with the property damage she caused with her vehicle.

After having to euthanize Kenzie because of her injuries, the couple want to press criminal charges against their neighbor for running over and ultimately killing their beloved pet.

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