Travis Blanche Jumped Out 8th Story Window To Escape Bail Bondsman, Survives By Bouncing Off Building’s Awning

A wanted man from Bloomington recently made headlines when he jumped out an eighth-floor window in an attempt to flee a crew of bail bondsmen, as reported by Twin Cities.

To everyone’s surprise, the 27-year-old man, identified as Travis Blanche, survived the stunt. Police said that he sustained some serious injuries to his head and shoulder but his wounds were not life threatening.

Authorities said that the failed attempt to escape the law took place on Thursday at around 5 a.m., when bail bond agents went to an apartment in St.Paul in search of Blanche.

According to a report by the Star Tribune, upon ringing the bell of the apartment, a woman answered the door, who told the agents that Blanche had fled out the window, which was eight stories up.

The man survived because he “bounced off the awning outside the front door and landed on concrete outside of the apartment”, per Twin Cities. He was taken to the Regions Hospital where his injuries were treated. He was later booked into prison.

Authorities revealed that Blanche tried to escape because he was wanted in Hennepin County on three warrants.

In April this year, a warrant was issued against him as he was charged with running away from the police in a vehicle and carrying marijuana.

Blanche was also charged with illegally possessing a firearm, which was not allowed because of a fifth-degree drug conviction. Per a criminal complaint, the man was also charged for second-degree assault for allegedly “pistol-whipping the head of a woman who is the mother of his child.” Blanche was called for a hearing related to the two cases, but he failed to appear because of which he was issued two warrants.

Per Twin Cities, Blanche’s lawyer could not be contacted for a comment, so further information regarding his status is unknown.

Although it was quite a movie-like situation, Blanche wasn’t the first man to pull such a stunt in order to escape the police.

In May this year, a 35-year-old Utah man attempted to run away from a court room and jumped off a second-floor courthouse balcony. According to police, the man ended up with a broken leg and pelvis and a fractured skull, per ABC 13 News.

Similarly, a Milwaukee man attempted to flee the police by jumping out a fifth-floor apartment window onto the roof of the neighboring building. Police went to question the man because of a domestic disturbance. The attempted escape resulted in severe leg injuries, per CBS 58 News.

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