Secret Service Prevented Assassination Of President Donald Trump In 2017, New Documentary Reveals

An assassination plot against President Donald Trump in 2017 was successfully prevented by the Secret Service, the Daily Beast reports.

In November 1996, President Bill Clinton visited the Philippines. Protests were erupted in the capital, Manila, as citizens burned American flags.

Following receipt of credible intelligence, the Secret Service determined that al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden had placed a bomb along Clinton’s route, under a bridge. Just as President Clinton (codename: “Eagle”) was about to cross the bridge, the Secret Service rerouted the vehicle.

History repeats itself.

In 2017, President Donald Trump visited Manila to meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte at the ASEAN 50 summit. The Secret Service obtained credible information that an attempt at the president’s life could occur at the summit.

Days prior to Trump’s visit, ISIS posted a series of threatening tweets, with one of them featuring a photoshopped picture of Donald Trump filled with bullets.

“Gonna be in Manila the same time as Trump… I’ll take one for the team lads,” a social media user openly threatened Trump, posting the message along with a mugshot of Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy’s assassin. The agents tracked the individual’s IP address, as he was about to travel in the direction of the hotel Donald Trump was staying in.

“With social media, there’s software that can scroll through all of [the threats] at a much faster rate than any human can do it, so in some regards it makes it easier. But the bread and butter of what we do is the human element—and the people that work the mission—and that’s never going to change,” a special agent in the Protective Intelligence & Assessment Division Audrey Gibson explained to the Daily Beast.

Agent Gibson along with other Secret Service officials details the attempted assassination of President Donald Trump in United States Secret Service: On the Front Line, a two-hour documentary scheduled to air on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night.

Apart from discussing how they successfully prevented President Donald Trump’s assassination in 2017 with the Daily Beast, Secret Service officials talked about President Donald Trump’s codename, and it is exactly what one would expect it to be: “Mogul.”

All United States presidents get a Secret Service codename, so President Trump is not an exception. Listed on Encyclopedia Britannica are some of the past U.S. presidents’ codenames.

John F. Kennedy’s was “Lancer,” Richard Nixon’s was “Searchlight,” Ronald Reagan’s was “Rawhide,” likely a reference to numerous movies he had appeared in.

Discussing the nature of their job and working under President Donald Trump with the Daily Beast, Secret Service agents denied disclosing how many threats against Donald Trump they have received thus far.

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