Joe Biden Rallies Democrats On The Campaign Trail

“This election is bigger than politics. This is the most important election you’ve voted in,” said Joe Biden Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Biden was on the road on Friday campaigning for Democrats who will be up for election in the upcoming November midterms.

During his speech, Biden said that America has seen a president who has not condemned hate groups. He was referring to the events of Charlottesville, in which white supremacists clashed directly with progressives. He said that “our basic American values are under assault” and that Donald Trump has ceded America’s values to dictators.

“We know who Donald Trump is. But here’s the deal guys, the public has to know who we are as Democrats,” Biden said to an Indiana crowd, while campaigning for Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Biden also made a stop in Kentucky on Friday, a day ahead of Trump who will visit the state on Saturday.

“This is America. So get up! Take it back! It’s time,” he called to the cheering crowd in Owingsville, according to The Courier-Journal.

Biden just recently denied having his eye on the White House, as reported by the Inquisitr, but he’s certainly behaving like a 2020 presidential candidate.

And maybe he is one. Biden was cagey when asked about a potential run against Donald Trump, saying he is not planning to run for election “at this point.” It has become common for presidential contenders to deny that they are actually campaigning, until they announce that they are actually campaigning.

Biden chose not to run in 2016, as many outgoing vice presidents have done. He previously stated that he regretted his decision not to run. His son, Beau, died in 2015. At the time, Biden publicly stated that he was not up for a campaign due to this loss.

Biden and Trump are campaigning for two opposing candidates in Kentucky, current Rep. Andy Barr (R) and contender Amy McGrath (D).

Trump has been very active on the campaign trail for key Republican candidates, and he’s been throwing plenty of shade Biden’s way as well. Earlier this month, he called the former vice president “sleepy Joe Biden” at a rally in Kansas recently, as reported by McClatchy DC.

At the same Kansas rally, Trump bragged that he would beat Joe Biden in a physical fight. At age 70, Trump was the oldest person in American history to ever be elected into the White House. He is currently 72. Joe Biden is 75.

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