Monopoly Token Vote: New Game Piece To Be Revealed Today [Update]

Monopoly fans who wanted to have their say on the new token have officially missed their chance to vote on the matter. Hasbro is set to reveal the new game piece at some point today.

After the virtual polls were closed, it was determined that the shoe, wheelbarrow, and iron received the least amount of support from board game fanatics. According to The Associated Press, changes haven’t been made to the tokens since Monopoly debuted nearly 80 years ago.

Folks from over 120 countries reportedly participated in the Save Your Token Campaign. All three of the aforementioned game pieces could be replaced with either a robot, diamond ring, cat, helicopter, or guitar. The company is expected to announce the new addition later today.

Although Hasbro revealed which tokens received the least number of votes, representatives haven’t said which game piece was the least popular with fans.

Hasbro Gaming vice president of marketing Jonathan Berkowitz told The New York Times:

“The token is key to the game and key for all of our fans. You ask anyone what their favorite Monopoly token is and most people have an answer. There’s always a reason.”

In a statement released last January, Hasbro Gaming’s Eric Nyman said the Monopoly game pieces were special to those who have a fondness for the game. However, the changes were being made to reflect changes in modern society.

He said:

“The tokens are one of the most iconic parts of the Monopoly game and we know that people are emotionally tied to their favorite one. When we decided to replace one of the tokens in the game, we knew we had to involve our fans in the process. We can’t wait to see which iconic piece will ‘go to jail’ and which new token the fans will choose to become part of one of the world’s most popular games.”

Update: Shortly after this article was published, the new Monopoly game piece was revealed on this morning’s edition of the Today Show. The new piece added to the board game will be the cat.

Are you a fan of Monopoly? Did you vote for the new token?

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