Pat Sajak Mocks Those Who Need Celebrity Election Day Reminders

The 2018 midterm elections are coming up next month and a slew of celebrities, public figures, politicians, and every day Americans are taking to various social media platforms to discuss the issues. Moreover, many are continuing to put out a reminder to get to the polls.

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Celebrities are notorious for using their audience reach and social platforms to change and persuade people to be more American and philanthropic. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, however, took to Twitter recently to not only remind people that the election was coming up, but to also mock those who can’t remember to vote without the push from a celebrity figure.

“I would encourage you to vote next month, but if you need a TV game show host to remind you, then you probably shouldn’t,” Sajak tweeted on October 10.

The tweet was intended to be a satirical joke and was mostly well-received by the game show host’s 186,000 Twitter followers.

Most thought the tweet was both true and hilarious. Having accumulated over 300 comments, 5,000 retweets, and 21,000 likes, the comment section roared with praise for Pat’s style of comedy. Many of the comments even contained their own dash of humor.

“Thanks for the reminder, but I’m waiting on Bob Barker to remind me. I mean he did beat up Happy Gilmore so I have to listen to him!!” one of the game show host’s followers commented.

“Why haven’t we replaced primaries with a rousing game of Wheel. We could go back to the shopping. When you win a round you buy counties. I think it would be lit,” A second tweeted.

“I’d like to buy a councilman, Pat,” a third Twitter user joked.

Many of the individuals in the comment section also couldn’t help but point out the irony of the fact that a TV game show host was the current president, as Donald Trump was once the host of The Apprentice.

“But don’t we have a TV game show host as president?” one individual tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, Sajak is not the only celebrity who has used social media recently to remind their followers about the importance of voting. Singer Taylor Swift has made a lot of waves after recently taking to Instagram to give her thoughts on current U.S. politics and the upcoming election.

In her recent Instagram post, Swift openly endorsed one of the Democratic candidates running in her home state of Tennessee. Taylor proved just how big of a pull she had when Tennessee saw a spike in voter registration following Swift’s Instagram post.

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