Kim Kardashian Is ‘Mortified And Heartbroken’ After Kanye’s Rant At White House Meeting, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Kim Kardashian Is 'Mortified And Heartbroken' After Kanye's Rant At White House Meeting, Per 'Hollywood Life'
Oliver Contreras - Pool / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian was not very happy with how Kanye West’s big meeting with Donald Trump went.

On Thursday, the rapper joined Trump for what was supposed to be a private lunch in the White House but ended up as a full press conference with Kanye going on a 10-minute rant that rambled from topics including his views on slavery, his own mental illness, and his belief in the need for “male energy” in the White House. As Hollywood Life reported, his wife was not pleased.

A source told the celebrity news outlet that Kim was watching along on television and believed that Trump was playing her husband — even appearing to laugh mockingly at Kanye at one point.

“[Kanye’s] intentions were good, but he’s clearly being played by Trump, who was outright laughing at him at one point. It’s just sad,” the unnamed insider said. “The problem is, there’s no telling Kanye how to act, and there’s no advising him to be calm or cool. He’s going to launch into whatever he wants, and Kim has to be there to pick up the pieces afterwards.”

Kanye West had become one of the biggest celebrity backers of Donald Trump — along with football legend Jim Brown who was also at the meeting on Thursday — though his support of the president has generated some major controversy. Earlier this year, after expressing his admiration for Trump, Kanye got himself into some trouble after claiming that black people who lived in slavery chose to do so.

His latest visit with Trump has generated even more controversy. A number of celebrities have spoken out, calling West a sellout and mocking his stream-of-consciousness rant during the visit.

As CNN noted, the meeting also called attention to Donald Trump’s lack of diversity among cabinet members and close advisers. Since the departure of Omarosa Manigault Newman, Trump does not have any black members in high-ranking White House positions.

The meeting also showed Trump’s lack of effort on issues that affect African Americans, the report added.

“The meeting also highlights how seriously Trump takes issues that his base doesn’t really care about. Rather than invite real policy experts, say on education or criminal justice, Trump brought before the cameras two famous black men who like him.”

The Hollywood Life story is the latest to hint at trouble in the marriage for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The couple has been surrounded by divorce rumors since just days after their 2014 marriage, with a stream of reports claiming that the couple had reached their breaking point. To date, none have been on the mark, however.