Melania Trump Admits There Are People In President’s Administration She Doesn’t Trust

First lady Melania Trump doesn’t speak to the press often, but she just did a one-on-one interview that contained a handful of interesting tidbits. One interesting part of the interview indicates that the first lady has had trust issues with a number of people in her husband’s administration, although she isn’t naming names.

Melania Trump did the interview with Tom Llamas of ABC News during her trip to Africa. As the Inquisitr shared, the first lady spoke quite a bit about how she feels she is one of the most bullied people in the world. That has prompted plenty of reactions across social media, but that wasn’t the only part of the interview that many found interesting.

President Trump’s wife was asked if she felt, over the course of the almost two years that her husband has been in office, whether there were people on his team she believed that he couldn’t trust. Melania said that yes, there had been people she didn’t trust, and yes, she let her husband know when she had those feelings.

The first lady did say that some of the people she has doubted in terms of their trustworthiness don’t work in the Trump administration any longer. However, it sounds as if there are still multiple people in the White House that she doesn’t fully trust.

Melania said she does try to talk about these concerns with her husband. At the same time, she noted, it can be hard to do that as she says she is quite busy with her office so she doesn’t always get very involved in what’s happening in the West Wing.

The first lady didn’t give any hints regarding the identities of the people she personally doesn’t trust. She did, however, confirm that not everybody on her radar has exited the administration. The Washington Post notes that during this discussion, Trump detailed that these trust issues make it harder to govern, adding that it means one always has to watch their back.

Despite all of the chaos and drama, Melania insists that she is enjoying her time in the White House. Trump says she loves living in Washington, D.C., and that she supports her husband in whatever he decides regarding running again in 2020.

The first lady said she believes her husband is doing an incredible job for the country. Melania insists that if that means she’ll live in the White House for six more years, she’ll embrace that.

A portion of Llamas’ interview with first lady Melania Trump aired Thursday morning on Good Morning America. The full discussion will air Friday night on ABC.

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