Google Street View Leads To A Divorce After A Man Saw His Wife And Another Man Captured On-Camera Canoodling

A Peruvian man has filed for divorce from his wife after a Google Street View camera captured his wife and her lover in flagrante delicto while documenting the streets of Lima.

Google Street View often captures some, shall we say, “interesting” things, from possible ghosts to crimes being committed to even evidence of murder. But this may be the first time it’s caught an act of marital infidelity.

As The Sun reports, the unnamed man was using the mapping function to figure out the best way to get through the Peruvian capital’s ancient and narrow streets to a popular bridge. As he visually mapped his way through town, he noticed that the cameras had captured a lovely scene — a woman and a man enjoying an intimate moment on a park bench, the woman sitting up and the man laying down, his head in the woman’s lap.

It would have been a cute scene that made just about anyone else remark lightly on the lovebirds and then move on. But not this user. That’s because the user in question recognized the woman’s clothes as garments that his wife likes to wear. Zooming in closer, he recognized her face.

The user confronted his wife with the photo evidence, and she purportedly admitted to having been carrying on an affair with the man at the time. The pictures were taken in 2013. It’s not clear if their affair was still ongoing when the husband confronted his wife with the evidence — but nevertheless, their marriage is over. The couple has since gotten divorced.

An extramarital affair joins the list of weird things caught by Google Street View cameras. Some of the strange occurrence captured are titillating, like the many couples caught on-camera having sex. Some of them are head-scratchers, such as people dressed like pigeons for no particular reason. Some are completely unexpected entirely, like the woman caught on-camera giving birth.

Google Street View has also been charged with capturing “criminals.”

As WRKR reports, back in 2016 gossip began spreading over the state of Michigan when a Street View camera captured a man in a prison jumpsuit. While townsfolk enjoyed speculating that an ex-con on the lam had been captured on-camera, the reality was far more mundane. It was almost certainly a jail prisoner on work detail, likely picking up trash.

And as The Express reported in 2017, Street View cameras in North Carolina captured what appeared to be a dead body in the trunk of a car. The police jumped into action, only to find out that it was a Coast Guard search-and-rescue dummy.

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