‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew’s Under Pressure As Margaux Grows Desperate, Jason Warns Sonny

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will focus a great deal on Margaux and her determination to destroy Sonny. She was frustrated by Jordan’s declaration that the case regarding Vincent’s death had hit a dead end and spoilers hint that she’ll take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, it looks like Drew and the flash drive with his memories will be central in her plan.

At the end of Tuesday’s show, Margaux called Drew and said she had a proposition for him. General Hospital spoilers via the sneak peek shared on Twitter indicate that the two will meet up, and she’ll ask him to help her make Sonny pay for his crimes.

As Margaux says this, Drew appears to be truly listening and considering what she’s saying. At this point, he’s given up on the flash drive containing his memories and he’s trying to move forward with his life while still retaining those memories of Jason’s.

General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central tease that Margaux will be feeling down over Jordan’s decision regarding the investigation, but she’ll refuse to give up on her pursuits. She’s convinced that Sonny is tied to her father’s death, but she’ll have to get creative in how to prove that she’s right.

By trying to utilize Drew and the memories he has of Jason’s, and pressuring him with the revelation that she has the flash drive, she may be crossing lines that will cause problems down the road. However, she doesn’t appear to care at this point. As this moves forward, it sounds as if Margaux will get some serious pushback, but she won’t back down.

While Drew may eventually agree to Margaux’s demands or some version of her offer, it doesn’t look like he’ll say yes immediately. He doesn’t necessarily have much in the way of loyalty to Sonny, but he also has avoided getting involved in the legally murky side of things.

As Margaux does her best to convince Drew to help her, Carly and Jason will both be trying to get Sonny to take this potential risk more seriously. Mike has sworn he dumped the gun used to kill Vincent in the water and Sonny is feeling somewhat more relaxed about the possibility that this will all come back to haunt him.

However, Jason will insist that Margaux is a serious threat and General Hospital spoilers detail that he’ll tell Sonny he has to consider this. Sonny will say that he doesn’t want to escalate the animosity that they currently have between them, but it looks like Jason will try to convince them that they need to take a more assertive approach in dealing with her.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Wednesday’s episode will also have more on Oscar and his challenges in facing his diagnosis as well as a difficult conversation between Finn and his father. There are great storylines heating up this fall and fans are anxious to see what will come next.