Kim K Bump Watch: Mom-To-Be Spotted At Gym

The Kim K bump, not to be outdone by the Kate M bump, was spotted at the gym on Sunday as mom-to-be and reality TV star Kim Kardashian got her workout on.

Kardashian, who is carrying the child of rapper and ego Kanye West, stepped out in full workout gear to meet up with her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson.

Sporting a loose, black long-sleeve T-shirt over a gray tee with clingy black leggings and Nikes, the star jogged lightly with Anderson, who says her client is following her pregnancy fitness plan to a tee. The personal trainer told HollywoodLife that Kardashian is determined to preserve her figure after giving birth:

“She’s following the pregnancy project, and she’s doing a great job.

“Because she’s Kim Kardashian, I am able to pay more attention to her workout, so I check in with her all the time, and she is doing amazing. She’s such a hot girl so it’s like, let’s keep that body like that!”

Following her workout and a quick visit to her attorney’s office, Kardashian headed home to relax in front of the Super Bowl.

Before kickoff, the 32-year-old took to her Twitter account to express support for her friend Beyonce, who performed during the halftime show. Kardashian tweeted:

As Beyonce wrapped up her well-received show, Kardashian returned to Twitter to tell fans:

More Kim K bump updates as we get them!

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