JK Rowling Schools Troll Who Decried 'Harry Potter' Sport's Scoring, 'Quidditch Is The Human Condition'

Melissa Binns

As any Potterhead (a.k.a Harry Potter fan) knows, author JK Rowling has an active Twitter where she voices her opinions and shares even more information on the magical world she created. Rowling is not immune to criticism, however, and sometimes feels the need to defend the content of her books with unsatisfied readers.

The latest example of this was October 9, when someone tweeted to her "the scoring system of quidditch makes zero sense." For those not in the know, Quidditch is the main sport of the Harry Potter series, where players fly on broomsticks throughout the duration of the game. Quidditch was always a significant plot point in main character Harry Potter's life. The sport became so popular that real-life people have attempted to recreate it on college campuses. (Albeit, without actually flying.)

The rules of Quidditch may be confusing for some. As readers and movie-goers will remember, two teams go head-to-head in the air. There are players called "Chasers" that attempt to get a leather ball, called a "Quaffle," into one of the opposing team's three hoops, blocked by a "Keeper." Then there are players called "Beaters" whose job is to defend their team from rouge, iron balls, called "Bludgers," that violently aim themselves at players. Lastly, a Quidditch team has a single "Seeker," which was Harry Potter's role throughout the series. The Seeker's job is to catch the tiny, flighty "Golden Snitch." If the Seeker catches the Snitch, the team receives 150 points and typically wins the entire game.

Get all that?

"It makes total sense," Rowling retaliated. "There's glamour in chasing an elusive lucky break, but teamwork and persistence can still win the day. Everyone's vulnerable to blows of fate and obstructive people, and success means rising above them. Quidditch is the human condition. You're welcome."

This explanation has received mixed responses on Twitter, some praising Rowling for her innovation, with others still doubting her reasoning. This has sparked debate between Twitter users, who are continuing to go back and forth on the issue. While some may not be satisfied with Rowling's response, it can't be said that she didn't think it through and give a thorough answer!