Moose Poop Becomes The Latest Hot Art Medium Thanks To Maine Grandmother

Everyone has heard of a cuckoo clock, but what about a moose poo poo clock? That’s become one of the most popular products for innovative Maine artist and grandmother Mary Winchenbach. Her store Tirdy Works has hit new levels of success after a news interview went viral. The 57-year-old uses the unusual medium of moose turds – or “tirds,” according to Winchenbach – to make everything from Christmas tree ornaments to picture frames.

Per Vox, the grandmother with a great sense of humor has actually been selling moose poop art for 15 years, but the demand for her products has recently become almost overwhelming due to coverage from an NBC News affiliate. The Tirdy Works Facebook page announced that her poo poo clocks have a backlog of 400 orders as of October 5.

Part of the appeal of her products is clearly her humorous, auctioneer-like style of describing them. As Mary Winchenbach told KULR-8 News, Tirdy Works has taken the theme all the way with their poo poo clocks.

“We crammed the turds between the numbers so it would be one turdy, two turdy, three turdy.”

Winchenbach elaborated with Vox that she’s “working on incorporating the machines so when it strikes the hour, it’s gonna go [fart noise].”

Interested buyers will be happy to learn that this crafty grandmother has created a special process that prevents the poop from smelling. Winchenbach even touches the turds with her bare hands after they’ve been dried and sealed. She also has so many moose turds in her home that they’ve taken over every available surface, including the kitchen table.

The company’s name, Tirdy Works, comes from Winchenbach’s belief that the word “turd” is misspelled. She’s even pledged to contact the makers of Webster’s Dictionary to let them know why she believes it should be spelled “tird” instead. That’s yet another example of her humorous approach to a business that’s bringing in enough money to make moose tracking worthwhile.

Although moose poop has become her claim to fame, Mary Winchenbach doesn’t limit herself to just one poop art form. She’s also made money from cow poop, including one giant cow turd that she sold on a platter for $5.

Her Etsy shop has more than 1,000 sales to date, and she also sets up at local craft shows and other similar events. With an average price of $6-$7 per item, she might not be able to retire from her day job quite yet. But with 63,000 Facebook followers since September 26 and a recent interview with Jenny McCarthy, this moose poop star is definitely on the rise.

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