Cancer Patient’s Truck ‘Stolen’ Then Returned: Fully Restored

A cancer patient had his truck stolen, then returned, fully restored. The $18,000 restoration was made possible by friends, family, and local business owners in Pineville, Louisiana.

Anthony Lester purchased the 1986 Chevy Silverado in hopes that he would be able to restore it. Unfortunately shortly after the purchase, Lester was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to complete the restoration.

Local mechanic William Hall came up with the idea when he learned that his friend was suffering from Stage 4 esophageal cancer. Hall put together a plan to steal the truck, then return it, fully restored. As reported by TheTownTalk, Hall is the one that actually “stole” the truck:

“He was trying to get the truck redone, and then he found out he had cancer, and he couldn’t do it. When I went and saw him one Saturday, he said once he finally got rid of this (the cancer), he was going to get the truck redone … So, I went and ‘stole’ the truck.”

As reported by Ctpost, Sondra Lester, Anthony’s wife, helped with the surprise. Sondra contacted the insurance company and local law enforcement, giving them details about the plan. Hall came to “steal” the truck while Lester was at the doctor receiving cancer treatment.

When Lester found his truck had been “stolen” from the driveway, he was understandably upset and contacted the police. When the truck did not turn up after several days, Sondra convinced her husband to accompany her to the repair shop, suggesting that they look for a replacement.

Lester was relieved and overwhelmed when he saw his truck, fully restored, at the repair shop. He reportedly “shook many hands,” and gave everyone hugs, thanking them for the thoughtful gesture. Advanced Collision, who completed the restoration, hosted a fish fry after revealing Lester’s truck.

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