Actress Stephanie Beatriz Ties The Knot Surrounded By ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Castmates

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Those who keep up with the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast are well aware of the love that the cast has for the show, and for each other. Stephanie Beatriz — who portrays the tough and edgy Rosa Diaz on the show — not only invited the whole cast to her wedding to her newly minted husband, Brad Hoss, but also managed to celebrate her beloved character, reported People. Her dress– which she purchased from Grace Loves Lace — is called the “Rosa.”

Beatriz, who loved the dress, believed that it was “too good to be true” until she tried it on. She immediately knew it was “the one.” As if getting a very special dress and inviting the whole cast to the wedding wasn’t enough, Beatriz credits the show for her entire marriage!

“I never would’ve gotten to the place where I would’ve even been open to Brad as a partner if it hadn’t been for my time on Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” she said. “All of my friends on that show have just taught me so much about myself, the experience of being on that show has taught me so much about myself as a human being. And it really has helped mold me into the person that I am and the partner that I think I can be for Brad. The fact that that dress is symbolically gonna be there, that’s gonna be on my body when I marry him, is really special to me.”

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The wedding appeared to be super successful, and was “hella fly” according to Beatriz. Themed after the city of Los Angeles — which is where Beatriz and her beau met — the wedding was decorated with the “floral and fauna” of the city. They also re-created the entrance to the Beverly Hills Hotel, complete with the famous striped ceiling and iconic pink columns. In addition, the lovebirds opted for food trucks instead of going with a traditional caterer. Guests were given ice-cream sandwiches instead of wedding cake, and were served “hella L.A. drinks.”

There was also a room for attendees to order a coffee as a tribute to L.A.’s prevalent coffee culture. If that weren’t convenient enough, there was also a vending machine that doled out flats in case any guests wanted to change out of their heels!

Another unique addition? Celebrity chef Roy Choi and his iconic Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pop-up was on scene. Beatriz — who missed out on attending the original pop-up with costar Andy Samberg — was determined to get a chance to try a Hot Cheetos burrito.

Beatriz and her co-stars danced the night away to 1990s music, and it appears to have gone off without a hitch.