‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Returns For Season 9 After Quitting, Shares Filming Photo On Instagram


Jeremy Calvert will be featured on the upcoming ninth season of Teen Mom 2.

Although the Teen Mom 2 dad confirmed months ago that he would not be rejoining the show for Season 9, he has since had a change of heart and on October 8, he confirmed his return to OK! Magazine.

According to the report, Calvert hinted he was in production on the new season on Instagram when he shared a photo of the inside of his car, which was outfitted with MTV cameras.

Leading up to his decision to quit Teen Mom 2 in June, Calvert had been extremely vocal about his issues with MTV, who he’s long accused of manipulating his storylines on the show.

In 2017, as he and Leah Messer filmed scenes about a potential reconciliation of their marriage, Calvert took to his Instagram account, where he went on an outrageous rant to his many fans about MTV and his Teen Mom 2 fans.

“All they want is the negative editing, arguments, fights, disagreements so they can f**king make a show,” he said. “If you people are that g**damn stupid to not see that, what the f**k is your problem?… It’s not f**king hard to put two and two together, people…Yes, MTV just wants drama, people!”

“F**king people think they know everything. They can f**king f**k off and jump off a f**king bridge and die for all I care,” he added of viewers who have criticized his on-camera behavior.

Calvert also addressed those who have told him to quit the show if he was so unhappy with the way he was being portrayed by MTV.

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘Oh you can stop filming… at any time you want to.’ No motherf**kers you can’t. You signed a contract. So no you can’t. You don’t know anything about the contract,” he explained.

Although Calvert claimed to be locked in a contract with MTV, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed he had returned to the show after complaining because MTV agreed to give him more money.

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As Jeremy Calvert films Teen Mom 2 Season 9, so is his ex-wife Leah Messer and because she recently went public with a new boyfriend, Jason Jordan, she may be debuting a new relationship when the show returns.

Messer and Jordan first went public with their relationship in July during a trip to Florida with her three kids.

To see more of Jeremy Calvert and his family, don’t miss Teen Mom 2’s ninth season when it premieres on MTV later this year or early next year.