Lil Wayne Concert Sees 12 Injured After Gunshot Rumor Chaos

People at the Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta on Sunday night got an unpleasant surprise after someone in the crowd was rumored to holler, “shots fired!” After the person yelled, the crowd panicked and scrambled to exit the area, injuring about 12 concert goers as they did so. There were reports of brawls throughout the concert that may have contributed to the stampeding crowd as well.

Per hnhh, accounts of what precisely ended the rapper’s set are as yet unclear, but one of their editors — who was at the concert — agreed that someone in the crowd was screaming. During the pandemonium, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who is professionally known as Lil Wayne, was rushed off the stage by his security detail. The concert abruptly ended after the incident.

Emergency personnel arrived on site and treated the injured people. Luckily, the police reported that there were only minor injuries that took place when people ducked and ran for cover. Per gossipthot, the police said that the injured suffered “ankle injuries and lacerations from attempting to jump fences.”

Officials that investigated the incident also told the media that it appeared that someone in the crowd did indeed shout that they heard gunshots. On the other hand, they determined that there was no evidence that there was a gunman at the concert — or that anyone fired off any shots.

Weezy was in Atlanta to perform at the A3C Festival. The popular hip-hop event was being held over the weekend at the Georgia Freight Depot on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in downtown Atlanta. The venue featured him and Wu-Tang Clan as headliners, along with a long list of other celebrity talents.

The pandemonium and emptying of the venue broke out during the second day of the festival. Lil Wayne took to social media once he was safe, tweeting out that he hoped everyone at A3C was safe, also.

The incident was reminiscent of a past incident in Atlanta when Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up while they were traveling on GA I-285 in 2015. TMZ reported that the “Drop the World” singer and a few other performers — including Hood and Lil Twist — were on board the vehicles during the attack.

Lil Wayne had been performing at the Compound nightclub on Brady Avenue in Atlanta before the 2015 shooting. No one was injured during the incident. The AJC reported that 25-year-old tour manager Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was behind the tour bus shooting. Winfrey had previously worked for Young Thug, and he was convicted after he pleaded guilty to charges related to the crime. The former tour manager received 20 years, with the requirement that half of that time be served in prison.

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