Madeleine Albright Denounces Donald Trump, Calling Him ‘Almost A Gift’ To Russia And Putin

Madeleine Albright — the former Secretary of State — denounced Donald Trump after stating in an interview on Sunday that the president is “almost a gift” to Russia and Vladimir Putin, especially when factoring in Trump’s feelings about the European Union and NATO.

As The Hill reports, when speaking on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, Albright explained that it was her personal belief that Donald Trump has much in common with Putin, and almost has a kinship with him in many ways. With Russia trying their utmost to pit the United States against other countries, Madeleine Albright feels that Donald Trump is walking straight into Vladimir Putin’s trap — and doesn’t seem to be bothered by what could be the disastrous consequences of their friendship.

“I do think that he does see some kind of kinship with Putin. The Russians are trying very hard to undermine our democracy and to separate us from our allies. And I think in many ways, Trump is almost a gift to Putin in terms of trying to explain, ‘Why should we deal with those Europeans?’ Or, ‘Why should we have anything to do with NATO?'”

During the CNN segment Madeleine Albright was interviewed along with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, with both discussing Trump’s stance on foreign affairs. Albright noted that when it comes to Trump’s decision-making skills, the president doesn’t appear to ever fully contemplate the consequences of his actions and does whatever his gut instinct tells him at the moment. Powell and Albright also roundly criticized the president for backing out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

“The decision making process simply does not work. The president goes and does his own thing. Then somebody says, ‘He meant to say—’ and then he disagrees with that.”

It is safe to say that Albright is certainly no fan of Trump, having called him — on another occasion — the most undemocratic president that the United States has ever had to deal with in recent history. She has also previously said of Trump that he is “the gift that keeps giving to Putin.”

Donald Trump has faced many critics since he became president, particularly amongst those who believe the allegations of Russian interference surrounding the 2016 election.

According to Politico, Colin Powell sides with Albright — and feels that Trump is seriously damaging the reputation of the United States around the world.

“The president goes to Europe to a NATO meeting, but he starts out by insulting some of the other participants, our allies. And so, America has to take a hard look at itself, and especially the Congress. Take a hard look at yourself, and see what we are doing to try to keep these forces in check and put America back in the middle of all this. I hope the president can come to the realization that he should really stop insulting people. We somehow have got to get back on track.”

Besides stating that Donald Trump is a gift to Putin, Madeleine Albright also spoke of Trump’s general reign as “a tumultuous time where there is just hatred. I really am appalled.”

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