Sarah Hyland's Boyfriend, Wells Adams, Comes To Her Defense After Social Media Critic Slams Her Appearance

If there's one thing Sarah Hyland's boyfriend, Wells Adams, will not tolerate under any circumstance, it's someone criticizing his woman on social media. Adams rushed to Hyland's defense after a troll took aim at the Modern Family star's appearance in a photo he had posted of the couple on his Instagram, in which Hyland was sporting glasses, per People.

Sarah Hyland, 27, has found her Prince Charming in boyfriend of a year, Wells Adams, 34, which was made very obvious when the Bachelor in Paradise reality-TV star didn't hesitate to defend her honor against a social media hack who questioned why she was wearing glasses.

"I don't get the glasses look at all?" the Instagram user wrote on the photo Adams posted on Saturday of the couple attending a party hosted by Entertainment Weekly prior to last month's Emmy Awards.

Although the inquiry might have seemed innocent, it appears Adams did not appreciate his girlfriend's appearance being called into question, as she faces much scrutiny due to her medical condition.

"[O]h, it's so she can see sh*t," Adams replied back.

While his protective nature was definitely on full display, Adams did show his softer side when Hyland herself commented on the photo.

"I. Look. Super. Stoned," Hyland joked.

Adams, clearly disagreeing, responded, "You look super hot."


Hyland has been very open about her medical condition of kidney dysplasia, which resulted in her receiving a kidney transplant from her father in 2012. One of the side effects of her condition is that she is unable to maintain weight and as a result, the Dirty Dancing actress has faced her fair share of being body-shamed.

Saturday was not the first time Adams has had Hyland's back when it comes to those slamming her appearance.

On Friday, the Vampire Academy actress shared a candid selfie of herself posing in the bathroom in a bikini, which displayed the surgical scar she has a result of her kidney transplant.

While many fans commended Hyland for being comfortable enough to show off her body, one troll clearly did not.

"Eat a doughnut," the critic wrote.

"Eat sh*t," Adams immediately responded.


Although they've only been together for a year, the couple recently moved in together in August, prior to their one-year anniversary.

"I think it's brought us closer. I don't think it's been long enough to discover pet peeves with each other. I think we're in the honeymoon phase of living together. It's good that nothing is already starting, because then I think that would be a bad sign," Hyland said.

Clearly, moving in together does have its perks. "He's more anal and cleaner than I am, so it's great for me," Hyland raved.

The couple became romantically linked after Adams reached out to Hyland via Twitter last year.