‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Eileen Davidson Shares Positive Spider Bite Update

Shortly after she wrapped her filming at The Young and the Restless, actress Eileen Davidson, who portrays Ashley Abbott in Genoa City, faced a terrible health scare. A brown recluse spider bit her while she was in her own bed.

Last week, the Inquisitr reported that Davidson’s bite had gotten worse and she ended up on two different types of antibiotics, a tetanus shot, two topical creams, and an antibiotics shot to help take care of the venomous spider bite.

In her latest update, Davidson’s spider bite is still significant and quite visible, but she reported that it hadn’t gotten any larger in five days, which is pretty good news for the scary medical situation. The actress said that she’s feeling hopeful about the incident. While it’s still inflamed, hopefully, the area will heal soon and her arm will end up being back to normal.

The new update seemed to relieve Davidson’s followers. One wrote a light-hearted reply, “just hope you don’t end up shooting webs from your palms…then you know you need to worry.”

Another wrote complimenting Davidson on her glamorous look during her recovery. The fan wrote, “If only we could all look so glamorous with a spider bite!! Sigh.”

Meanwhile, she’s on her first post daytime vacation with her family, husband Vincent Van Patten and son Jesse Thomas Van Patten. It looks like the trio is enjoying the downtime together. Davidson and her family are visiting Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, and they appear to be relaxed and enjoying a wonderful holiday.

She shared a video of some live music and stated that they all love Austin and the relaxed country vibe they’re enjoying while kicking back on the trip.

As Davidson’s storyline on The Young and the Restless winds down, the Inquisitr‘s Y&R spoilers for next week reveal that Ashley’s “chemist” Andrew (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) attempts to blackmail her, but she takes the power out of his hands by telling all about her sneaky machinations to finally get the top spot at Jabot.

In fact, it looks like Ashley will reveal the identity of Jack’s (Peter Bergman) biological father, and he will be blindsided by the unexpected truth. Many believe that Ashley had Andrew change the results of Jack’s DNA test and that John Abbott is still Jack’s father. If that is the truth, all these months of destruction, heartache, and searching will have been for nothing, but perhaps Jack will understand how deeply he cut Ashley with his insistence on keeping the blood Abbott clause at Jabot.

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