‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Eileen Davidson Spider Bite Update!

Right after she finished her filming on The Young and the Restless, actress Eileen Davidson planned to spend more time with family and friends. However, she ended up getting bit by a brown recluse spider, instead, to start off her new journey in life.

Inquisitr reported the details of Davidson’s terrible bite on September 26. Today, the Ashley Abbott actress took to Instagram to provide her followers with an update on the situation, and so far it looks like things have gotten worse. She revealed that the infection due to the spider bite worsened, and now she’s taking two different kinds of antibiotics along with an antibiotics injection, a tetanus shot, and two different types of topical creams to fight it. The area is obviously inflamed, more extensive than it was in her original picture of it last week, and it looks uncomfortable.

Within moments thousands of her followers on the social media platform “liked” the post in support. Some fans also posted advice and details of their own spider bite experiences.

One wrote, “This is how it all starts. I am praying for you. This is exactly what happened to my brother and one of my friends two weeks in the hospital.”

Another shared, “Gosh that’s terrible… My daughter was bitten by a brown recluse, and it made a deep hole that I could stick my finger all the way in almost down to her thigh bone… Terrible! She had to go on a steroid to finally get rid of the infection…. heal quickly Miss Eileen!”

Late last week, the Daytime Emmy-winning actress posted a picture of herself and her friends gathered for a watch party of her 1983 film House on Sorority Row, and the bite was clearly visible on Davidson’s upper right arm in the image.

All her followers sent positive comments for quick healing her way, and with such a variety of medications fighting the infection, hopefully, Davidson will heal from this wound quickly.

As for her Y&R exit, last week Inquisitr reported that head writer Mal Young said it would provide an excellent storyline both as she left as well as afterward. Although he mentioned that her goodbye was more of a goodbye for now, Davidson took to Twitter and set the record straight letting everyone know that she is leaving the show for good. In fact, she said she’s only willing to make the occasional appearance at a significant family or show event in the future, and that she does not plan to come back in any type of regular capacity.

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