AT&T Mark The Spot iPhone App Makes Reporting Network Issues Simple

AT&T wants their customers to know that their attempting to improve their network and one way their doing that is by releasing the “Mark The Spot” iPhone application, a program that lets users immediately report any network issues they’re having at any given location.

The program works by offering several network buttons including: “Dropped Call, Failed Call, No Coverage, Data Failure and Poor Voice Quality.” User can then choose “Once, Seldom, Often, Always” options which will allow AT&T to determine if major fixes are needed in certain areas.

The program uses GPS based information to track the users location, which means no need to type in user information when issues occur.

No word yet on how AT&T will handle that incoming information, perhaps it will just end up in a big heap of uselessness much like half of our Windows report errors that seem to occur from OS to OS with no real fixes. Then again with the 3G map size Verizon keeps touting it looks like only about 50 blue dots on the map will be reporting anything at all.