Why Dogs Are Replacing Men In Women’s Hearts

Dogs may be replacing men in the women’s hearts. Several surveys have shown that women prefer their furry friend over their partners–and in some cases over other members of the family as well.

Leesa conducted a poll of more than 1,000, about cuddling preferences, which yielded interesting results. When asked about their top cuddling partner, participants of the poll placed pets on the top of their list. The data revealed the more women preferred cuddling with their pets than with their partner, romantic interest, or another family member.

According to Leesa‘s results, 58 percent of the women who participated preferred cuddling with their pets compared to 32 percent of women who preferred being with their partner. The percentage dropped further when it came to other family members (25 percent) and romantic interests (4.7 percent).

Lessa differentiated between the perspective women had towards cuddling when compared to men. According to the poll, men related cuddling to more intimate actions with sexual undertones between partners. Meanwhile, it seemed like women in the poll saw cuddling as a way of showing affection to more than just their romantic partner. Given this viewpoint, women would be more likely to cuddle with their children or pets–in this case–because they think of it as another way of showing their affection.

However, women’s preference for dogs doesn’t end with cuddling. Just Right by Purina conducted a study as well which found that female dog owners preferred spending more time with their pet than their partner or other family members, reported People. The same survey found that 62 percent of the estimated 1,000 people who participated in Purina‘s study claimed their dog helped them destress after work. Another 55 percent stated that their dog provided emotional support after receiving bad news stated PR Newswire.

Based on the data from Leesa and Purina‘s studies, it can be concluded that women view dogs as supportive, reliable, and the best cuddling partners. These qualities may sound a bit similar as they are also characteristics women look for in their life partners.

As it so happens, Modern Dog Magazine refers to a study in which psychologists confirmed that women choose and bond with dogs who have the same qualities they are looking for in their perfect mate. A national Newspoll survey in Australia was taken in which more than 600 single people participated. A significant percentage of women who answered the survey admitted that they preferred dogs over men because their furry friend came closer to their idea of the perfect companion than men.

When it came to choosing dogs over men, around 60 percent of the women who participated in the survey believed their pet was more affectionate, reliable, and loyal. In addition, 75 percent admitted to turning to their dog when they felt sad, and 80 percent felt more secure with their pet.

Given the survey’s above, it seems it’s time to change the old saying “man’s best friend” when referring to dogs.

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