Josh And Anna Duggar Go On Date At Wedding For ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Josie Bates

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Josh and Anna Duggar were on hand to celebrate a close friend’s wedding on Friday, October 5. Josie Bates married Kelton Balka with the Great Smoky Mountains as their backdrop. They wed in an outdoor ceremony at Cove Lake State Park in Caryville, Tennessee.

According to Radar Online, the eldest Duggar son and his wife traveled from their home in Arkansas to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee to attend the Bates wedding. They were not alone as other members of the reality TV family were there as well. Patriarch Jim Bob and his wife Michelle brought sons Jedediah and Jackson Duggar. Also in tow was married daughter Joy-Anna Forsyth. She probably brought baby Gideon with her for the festivities.

The Bates and the Duggars have been friends for years as they have a lot in common. They have big families, they both have their own reality show on different networks, and they share the same Christian values. However, they do differ in the fact that the couples that are courting in the Bates family seem to have more freedom to choose how affectionate they will be before they marry. The goal is always to stay pure until marriage, but the Duggars seem to be a little more strict in their courting rules.

Josh and Anna just celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary on September 26. They now have five children to raise, and despite the sex scandal that rocked Anna’s world in 2015, these two have worked through it and are seemingly happy with each other.

Anna has stuck by her husband’s side even when many Duggar fans were urging her to leave her marriage after Josh was caught cheating on her. She waited at home while he was off getting therapy. Since then they have had two more kids and the Duggar daughter-in-law says that she is as happy as ever with her marriage and family. In fact, she said on Instagram recently that she has been on a “wonderful adventure” with Josh.

The Bates wedding may have been a perfect opportunity for this couple to get away for a day or two. There was no indication that they brought their kids with them, although their youngest, one-year-old Mason, may have been in tow.

Just recently, Anna posted a sweet family photo of herself, Josh, and their five kids standing on bails of hay. Duggar fans were buzzing about a possible sixth child on the way for Anna, but she squashed those rumors quickly. That is not to say it won’t happen sometime in the near future though. You just never know which Duggar woman will be the next to reveal a pregnancy.