Fox News Contributor Todd Starnes Thinks Female Protesters Should Be Tasered

Alex WongGetty Images

It’s no surprise that people are falling on different sides in the matter of the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but a Fox News contributor took things a step too far according to many people on Twitter who are calling Todd Starnes out as a misogynist and more for saying that women protesting in the Senate gallery should be tasered.

The Cut says that Starnes, who is no stranger to controversy, tweeted just after Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s place on the Supreme Court was made official to say that those who protested in the gallery should be arrested after being tasered.

“Those screaming animals in the Senate gallery should be tasered, handcuffed and dragged out of the building.”

Vice President Mike Pence kept trying to get control of the vote, but women kept yelling “shame!”

Starnes called for the Washington, D.C., Capitol Police to get busy rounding these women up.

“Capitol police should stand their ground and protect the senators at any cost. End this anarchy!”

Many protesters were arrested and taken to jail, but that wasn’t enough for Starnes, who went back to calling the women animals for protesting, and for not supporting what he perceives as efforts to end abortion.

“[Police should] stand their grounds at any cost. Only animals would defend the killing of unborn babies.”

Starnes then ended his rant by saying, “now back to college football.”

Todd Starnes, who also appears on Fox News Radio, continued with his rapid-fire tweets complaining that Republican senators and Vice President Pence required security to get out of the building.

“So the @VP defiantly walks down the US Capitol steps towards the angry mob of seething leftists.”

Starnes continued, blaming his usual suspects, saying that many Republican also needed assistance to get to their gates at the airport.

“Several Republican lawmakers needed police escorts to get to their airline gates. #MaxinesMinions.”

Many of the responses from other Twitter users couldn’t be repeated, but some just reminded Starnes that he’s not the only taxpayer with an opinion.

“Those ‘animals’ pay the salaries of every single one of those Senators. When the MAJORITY of Americans are ignored this is the recourse left them. It is their RIGHT to protest.”

Others told him that freedom of speech was guaranteed, and if he “worked for a legitimate news agency” he would get fired for advocating the torture of women peacefully protesting.

“That freedom of speech stuff sounds really appealing until you realize that it also applies to people you don’t agree with, eh, Todd?”