Newest Event From Fortnite Will Actually Give Out Real-World Cash Rewards To Creators

Everyone knows that playing video games is no longer just a hobby or fun pastime, but it can turn into something that is quite lucrative and rewarding as well. Players can compete in tournaments where they can win prizes and cash pots for winning or even finishing near the top. Now, Fortnite is looking to reward creators who have the ability to be creative and enticing, but this time, they can actually get some real-world cash money.

Epic Games announced a brand new “Support-A-Creator” event that will officially begin on Monday, October 8, 2018. This is not going to be a short event, though, as it is set to run through the end of the year and could bring some real cash your way.

Players will be able to support the Fortnite creators they enjoy the work of, and they can do that by spending their V-bucks which is the currency in the game. In order for anyone to actually make money, though, they’re going to need to appeal to all of the others who are playing.

There are going to be special ways to “vote” for someone, though, and you’ll need to make sure your support is shown. If you’re looking to earn some cash from Fortnite, there are specifications and requirements for that as well.

For those who want to support their favorite creators, players can add that creator’s Epic tag in the “Support a Creator” menu in the Item Shop of Fortnite‘s Battle Royal mode. From that point, the creators will begin to earn money based on the number of V-bucks spent by players on their creations.

Creators will earn:

  • $5 for every 10,000 V-bucks spent
  • $25 if five players spend 10,000 V-bucks each

Now, if players want to keep supporting creators, they will need to make sure and continue to update their Epic tags. Every two weeks, players will need to put the creator’s Epic tag back in and that will ensure continued support.

To take part in Fortnite‘s “Support a Creator” event as a supporter or creator, simply go to the official page.

Epic Games has said that all creators are welcome to apply for the real cash rewards. They simply want anyone and everyone who makes Fortnite content, and they’re looking to reward those who do it the best.

All creators must adhere to the code of conduct provided by Epic Games for anyone playing Fortnite. For all those wanting to take part in this event, you’ll want to read that and make sure you’re in compliance for your creations as well as your actions in the game. This is a huge opportunity to help others out and also make some extra cash simply by being good at the game that so many people play daily.