Laura Ingraham Guest Falls From Chair On The Air During Beer Toast Selfie

During the Friday night broadcast of The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel, guest and Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo fell out of his chair as he attempted to take a selfie while on the air with Ingraham. Business Insider reports that the two discussed a wide range of topics during the program, including the status of the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, protests related to that confirmation, and the rising incidence of “suicide selfies” – people dying while taking a photo of themselves with their cell phone.

As the end of the show drew near, Arroyo picked up a six-pack of beer and set it on the table before them.

“I thought just to bring it all together, Laura,” Arroyo explained.

Ingraham responded with, “I like beer,” and Arroyo pulled out his cell phone.

As the two toasted with their beer bottles and posed for a selfie, he adjusted the camera angle and said, “Smile. Do we have it? Wait… ”

Ingraham told him, “Go the edge [sic],” at which point Arroyo fell out of his chair and out of view of the camera. Ingraham immediately turned from Arroyo and moved onto her next story, which was about American Civil Liberties Union’s anti-Kavanaugh campaign before saying, “Check on him, please, medic. Help him,” just before the show cut to a commercial break.

Arroyo initially took to Twitter to play up the incident, saying, “My hip is aching. #dangerousSelfie,” but that was soon followed by lighter comments like “Oh I’m fine… Jerry Lewis taught me well. #SelfiePratfall,” and, “I’m fine… all planned folks. Thanks for caring and watching.”

Later, Ingraham also posted confirmation — on Twitter — that the fall was intended as a humorous stunt.

“For all of you concerned viewers, ‘s fall during our Kavanaugh-Toast selfie was a JOKE…a pratfall after a long week. .”

The joke was a comment on a frequent topic of discussion this week – Brett Kavanaugh’s beer-drinking habits in high school and college and his repeated statement that he likes beer. It also tied into the other topic of the night, people dying while taking selfies in dangerous locations. Before the joke, Arroyo reported that a recent study found that 259 deaths in the last seven years were reported as being caused by selfies taken in dangerous situations. Victims are mostly males between the ages of 10 and 29, and the actual number is believed to be much higher than 259.

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