Melania Trump Admits She Sometimes Takes Her Husband’s Phone Away

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump admitted to sometimes taking her husband Donald’s phone away, New York Times White House correspondent Katie Rogers reports via Twitter.

“I don’t always agree with his tweets and I tell him that,” Melania told Rogers.

“I use Social Media not because I like to, but because it is the only way to fight a VERY dishonest and unfair ‘press,’ now often referred to as Fake News Media,” President Donald Trump once tweeted, making the case that he has been forced to defend himself via social media.

Even the president’s staunchest critics admit that he has managed to weaponize Twitter, using social media to his advantage. In Twitter, President Trump has found the perfect vehicle for his agenda, managing to reach millions worldwide, perhaps normalizing social media diplomacy in the process.

Via Twitter, Trump has spread conspiracy theories – just yesterday, as Vox reported, Trump parroted a far-right conspiracy about “mastermind” George Soros bankrolling anti-Kavanaugh protesters – insulted world leaders, endorsed Republican candidates statewide, turning his Twitter account into a powerful political weapon.

Seventy-six percent of Americans see, read or hear about Trump’s tweets, according to Gallup research, although only eight percent of Americans say they follow the president directly.

“President Donald Trump’s unprecedented use of the social media platform Twitter as one of his primary means of presidential communication appears to be effective from a big-picture perspective,” Gallup concluded.

The Guardian‘s George P Lakoff and Gil Duran pointed out that Donald Trump has managed to turn words into weapons, using language to frame and win debates, winning the linguistic war.

For First Lady Melania Trump, however, her husband’s Twitter habits appear to be a problem. They are, in fact, problematic enough for her to have to resort to taking Donald’s phone away, according to Katie Rogers.

During her recent conversation with Rogers, Melania touched upon the Brett Kavanaugh saga as well, arguing that she stands against “any kind of abuse or violence,” but refused to say whether she believed Kavanaugh’s accuser Dr. Christine Basley Ford or not.

While Melania Trump may – by her own admission – sometimes resort to taking the president’s phone away in an effort to curb his Twitter impulsivity, the marriage between the most powerful couple in the United States is not always described as a happy and loving one.

Dissecting the relationship between Melania and Donald, Business Insider reported that Melania has seemed to avoid holding hands with Donald on multiple occasions, also alleging that the two sleep in separate bedrooms.

Regardless of how close Melania and Donald Trump are, the first lady – she claims – does not shy away from taking the president’s phone away, whenever she feels it necessary to do so.

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