If Stuck In An Elevator, Debra Messing Would Rather Be With Donald Trump Over Susan Sarandon

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Debra Messing has never been a supporter of Donald Trump, but her dislike for the president is far outweighed by how little she cares for Susan Sarandon. This month has really brought forth just how much disdain Messing has for Sarandon, and it was made evidently clear again on Thursday night. When given the scenario of being trapped in an elevator, the Will & Grace star actually said that she’d rather spend time with the president.

As reported on Fox News, Debra Messing appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Thursday evening to spend some time with Andy Cohen. The two chatted about a number of topics, along with Molly Shannon — who was also appearing as a guest on the show.

During the show, Cohen usually asks his guests questions from viewers, some of which are emailed in and some of which are sent via Twitter. On Thursday, a caller phoned into the show and decided to ask a truly hard question to Messing. Her answer may have come across as shocking or surprising to some audience members.

“Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with, Trump or Susan Sarandon?” the caller’s question was posed.

At first, Messing appeared to be taken back by the question — and she sat dumbfounded for a second. Finally, she responded with “I think Trump,” while trying to contain herself in the most professional way imaginable.

Andy Cohen was even shocked by her answer at first — as he thought she was “going to go the other way” with that caller’s question. He continued on to say that Messing is a “very convincing person,” and that perhaps she could make some “policy changes” if stuck in an elevator with Donald Trump.

Messing agreed with Cohen’s assessment — and said that she believed that she could do just that if she had a moment alone with the president.

The whole feud between the two actresses started last month, when Susan Sarandon did an interview with Variety. During that interview, Sarandon stated that Donald Trump has “inspired more women and people of color to run for office,” according to reporters with Variety.

This brought about a tweet that started out with Messing telling Sarandon to simply shut the f*** up.

The Will & Grace star continued on for a number of tweets, taking her criticism back to a few years prior. Messing pointed out that Sarandon never said that she was sorry for claiming that Hillary Clinton was a riskier presidential choice back in 2016.

Sarandon responded to Messing’s tweet storm from last month, and wanted to make sure that Messing knew that Variety was mixing in a bit of “clickbait” alongside the real story.

At the time of this writing, Susan Sarandon has not responded to the latest comments from Debra Messing — and she may not ever acknowledge them.