‘Time Traveler’ Who Claims He Visited The Year 8973 Passes Lie Detector Test

A man who claims he was sent by the British government to a future where immortal human cyborgs rule has passed a lie detector test.

The Mirror reports that William Taylor claims he was part of a project funded by the British government which saw him spend six hours in the year 8973.

On his jolly jaunt into realms unknown, William encountered all manner of fancy things including telepathic robot-human hybrids who live forever.

In a secretive project that he claims was sponsored by the British government, Taylor was fast-tracked forward a few thousand years to see what was what.

And despite apocalyptic predictions about the future of planet Earth, Taylor said it was a “Utopia” that he didn’t want to leave. Apparently, there was no crime, conflict, poverty or disease, and there was a cure for every problem.

The inhabitants of this perfect Paradise were cyborg-like residents. And although Taylor claims they looked somewhat freaky to our sensibilities, these future creatures had hearts of gold.

The cyborgs had “abnormally large heads and eyes” but “small mouths.” Here’s the best part they were all immortal.

Taylor believes the alien-like creatures were direct “descendants” of human-beings and although they communicated through telepathy they could also speak to Taylor in the English tongue.

“Everyone spoke in fluent English.They all had implanted in them a chip which instantly brain scans and translates words into whatever language was most comfortable for them.”

Taylor claims the technology which enables time travel has been in existence since 1981. He now believes he has a “moral responsibility” to build awareness about the very tangible reality of traveling through time.

He said the public has a right to know and that by 2028 we will all be hopping around in time and space unhindered by the standard and established laws of physics.

Taylor himself has claimed to have visited the future before. He said he used a “cylindrical” time machine to visit the year 3000.

Apparently, life in 3000 wasn’t as rosy as it was in 8973.

“I didn’t want to be there too long. There was a red sky and pollution was everywhere. I realized there was radiation in the air so I had to leave quickly.”

You may scoff at Taylor’s outlandish claims but all his stories have passed the lie detector test carried out by ApexTV with honors. And who knows in ten years time we might all be living a timeless existence.

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