Steven Seagal Walks Out Of ‘BBC Newsnight’ Interview After Host Brings Up Sexual Abuse Allegations

Action star Steven Seagal walked out of an interview on Thursday after being asked to comment on the accusations of sexual abuse that were made against him in recent months.

As recounted by the Hollywood Reporter, Seagal’s interview with BBC Newsnight host Kirsty Wark abruptly ended when he was asked about how he has been “very much caught up in allegations” of sexual harassment and rape. The 66-year-old actor reacted by quickly removing his earpiece and standing up from his chair, not saying a word on camera as he ended the interview and had someone help him remove his microphone.

Following Seagal’s walkout, Wark clarified to viewers that he chose not to give a response and that he has denied all previous sexual abuse allegations.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a number of women have accused Steven Seagal of sexual misconduct or other forms of inappropriate behavior since late last year. These include Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero, who said in October 2017 that Seagal invited her to an audition for a lead role in one of his films, but had aroused suspicion by holding the audition at his Beverly Hills home.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the audition appeared to go well for the most part, even as Seagal supposedly greeted Guerrero while wearing nothing more than a silk robe. However, when Guerrero declined an invitation for a “private rehearsal,” Seagal allegedly reacted by giving the female lead role to another actress and relegating Guerrero to a much smaller part.

Shortly after Guerrero went public with her story, another two women filed reports with the Los Angeles Police Department, alleging that Steven Seagal had sexually assaulted them several years prior.

According to The Wrap, former actress Regina Simons claimed that Seagal invited her to his home on the pretext that there would be a wrap party for his 1994 film, On Deadly Ground. After Simons arrived to find that there was no one else at the house except herself and Seagal, the actor allegedly took her clothes off and raped her. Separately, former model Faviola Dadis accused Seagal of groping her when she auditioned for one of his films in 2002.

Actresses Julianna Margulies, Portia de Rossi, and Jenny McCarthy also went public late last year to share their supposedly uncomfortable experiences with Seagal, with McCarthy specifically claiming that Seagal requested her to take her clothes off as she auditioned for the 1995 film Under Siege 2, per USA Today.

As of this writing, neither Steven Seagal nor his representatives have commented on his BBC Newsnight walkout.

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