White Lady Hailed A ‘Shero’ For Stopping Racist Attack On Two Spanish-Speaking Women

Although language is just a means of communication and it ideally shouldn’t matter what language you speak, some people are really bothered when they hear others speaking in a different language.

While it could be frustrating for some if they are unable to understand what another person is saying, some people are just racist toward other cultures – just like in the case of a woman who couldn’t contain her racism while shopping at a grocery store.

A video recently went viral which shows a white woman screaming at a racist shopper for allegedly harassing two Hispanic women in a Colorado shop on Monday, October 01.

The video was filmed by one of the Hispanic women, identified as Fabiola Velasquez (Faby Velsa), per BuzzFeed News.

In the video, the racist woman – identified as Linda Dwire – is seen arguing with a woman named Kamira Trent. Trent started threatening Dwire, saying that she’d call the police because of Dwire’s racist behavior toward two Spanish-speaking women (one of whom can be seen in the video, holding a shopping cart). Trent is heard screaming at Dwire,

“You do not harass people…I am calling the cops, you leave these women alone. Get out!

In response, Dwire tells the young woman that she comes from a different generation which is leading to the destruction of her country – the United States.

But Trent was in no mood to give up and decided to stand up against the woman’s racist behavior.

“I have respect. You do not harass people,” she is heard yelling at Dwire.

Dwire screams back and repeatedly tells her that she will “lose this country,” to which Trent said that Dwire should not “harass Hispanic women.”

Trent seemed to be very serious about the incident and was certainly not giving empty threats because she literally called the cops.

According to BuzzFeed News, the police arrested Dwire and took her to Garfield Country Jail. She has been charged with bias-motivated harassment.

Velasquez, the Hispanic woman, took to Facebook and posted the video which received more than 800,000 views.

She captioned her video in Spanish, where she explained the situation and praised Trent for coming to their rescue and calling the cops.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” the translation of the caption said.

She explained that Dwire insulted the two Hispanic women for speaking in Spanish and said that since they live in the U.S., they should only speak in English.


When the police interrogated Dwire, she said that she was “exercising her right to freedom of speech,” and that she considered the two women speaking in Spanish “offensive” because they didn’t have respect for the English language, per BuzzFeed News.

The video was widely shared on both Twitter and Facebook, and people angrily reacted to Dwire’s behavior toward the two women.

However, Kamira Trent received a lot of appreciation and respect for her praiseworthy stance and people started hailing her a “Shero.”

Shortly after the video was posted, her name also started trending on Twitter with the hashtag #KamiraTrent.

One user sent her prayers to Trent for her bravery.

While another Twitter user praised Kamira for handling the situation “like a boss,” and called her a “Queen.”

Irrespective of how sad and primitive the idea of racism seems to be in this day and age, this is not an isolated incident, as the problem of racism seems to be everywhere.

Earlier this year, a lady was “viciously” attacked by two women in a London train for speaking in Spanish. According to a report by the Independent, “the 24-year-old woman was left with head injuries after she was set upon by two female passengers who pulled her hair,” for committing the “crime” of not speaking in English.

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