Clay Conaway, Ex-College Baseball Player, Accused Of Raping 7 Women

A former University of Delaware baseball player has been indicted on six charges of rape, and a seventh woman has just come forward to accuse him of rape and of threatening to kill her. All of the accusations against Clay Conaway have come over the last five years since the pitcher has been at the University of Delaware.

The Daily Mail is reporting that as a result of the reports, Conaway was expelled from the university as he faces trial in December. But the victims and the public are angry that the defendant is out on bail while he awaits trial on the serious charges. Clay Conaway is out on $310k bail and has to stay at his parents’ Georgetown, Delaware, home while awaiting trial.

Conaway’s seventh accuser says he raped her at her off-campus apartment and says the last time she saw him, he threatened to kill her if she told.

“Last time I saw him was when he threatened to put my dead body in the Delaware River.”

It was this accuser’s accusations and documentation that launched a university investigation into Conaway’s behavior and ultimately led to his expulsion from school and the team.

The bail conditions require Conaway to stay in his parents’ home, and he is not allowed to have contact with any women aside from family members.

Conaway, who attended DeMatha High School in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Hyattsville, Maryland, has been charged with and indicted on six counts of second-degree rape and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Conaway’s seventh accuser hopes that the reports of the charges will give other women the courage to come forward.

“I think it really is a power thing for him… I think as soon as he hears no he just wants to be in control.”

Joe Hurley, Conaway’s lawyer, says that it’s a difficult time to be accused of a sex offense.

“It is a daunting atmosphere right now because people jump to conclusions.”

But his seventh accuser says it’s never been a good time to assault women.

“‘A gentleman is a gentleman,’ the seventh accuser told NBC10. ‘Decent human beings don’t [rape].'”

NBC 10 Philadelphia says that the majority of Conaway’s accusers went public with their stories of rape after the former pitcher was arrested in June on charges that he raped a 20-year-old University of Delaware student.

Conaway is not allowed to have any contact with his accusers while he is essentially under house arrest.

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